Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing
The skin is the largest organ of the body which is made up of two layers, the outer layer is called the epidermis and the inner layer is called dermis. The epidermis skin is continually renewing itself by shedding the dead cells which are replaced by new cells in the dermis. The epidermis has no blood vessels or lymphatic vessels and it receives its nourishment from nutrients absorb from the lower dermis.

Beneath the surface of the skin is a thick layer made up of blood vessels, sweat glands, lymph nodes and nerve endings. Connective tissue made of elastic fibres give the skin its elasticity which becomes looser over the years. Sebaceous glands protect the skin with a water proof layer so that we do not soak up water and bloat like a sponge.

The function of the skin is to hold everything inside, to feel sensations, to absorb substances such as ultraviolet rays from the sun which convert into vitamin D. The temperature of the body is controlled by blood vessel dilation and sweating beneath the outer layer. When the skin is cold the hair follicles stand on end trapping air and warming the body. The skin also protects the body from pathogens and internal injury.

Dry skin brushing removes the dead layer of cells that cover the skin and stimulate circulation. It helps to increase the cell renewal and strengthens the immune system. Skin brushing will help to tighten the skin and remove cellulite.

How To Perform Skin Brushing

• Buy a brush with natural bristles and a long handle so that you can reach every part of the body.
• Skin brushing is best performed in the morning before a bath or shower.
• Starting with the soles of the feet use long sweeping strokes and move up to the legs, torso, arms and back. Overlap the strokes as you move up the body. Always use an upward motion in the direction of the heart.
• Rinse off in a shower or bath and dry off the excess water.
• Apply oil or moisturiser to clean, soft skin.
• And don’t forget to wash your brush at least once a week. Leave the brush to dry before using again.

Another method of skin brushing is the hot towel method and all you need is some hot water and a flannel. First wipe your skin down with a dry cloth to remove dead skin cells. Rub your skin with a hot wet cloth to open pores and encourage the release of toxins. Pay particular attention to under arm and groin areas to aid the lymphatic system. Apply oil or moisturiser to damp skin.

Do not brush over a rash or broken skin as this may lead to irritation and infection. It is best to keep dry skin brushing for at least a month to see the changes in the skin.

Take care of your skin on a daily basis and you will be rewarded with soft, glowing skin that is blemish free and irresistible to touch. Dry skin brushing is a wonderful way to keep in tiptop condition and can easily be fitted in to your morning routine. Just five minutes of your time spent brushing your skin will be worth more than any pot of cream could ever be.

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