Holistic Health ~ Total Attitude

Holistic Health ~ Total Attitude
The world today is full of people living life to the limit. Overcrowding, pollution, money problems, contaminated food, water and air, intoxicants, over or under nourished, sexual disease, broad-spectrum antibiotics and world-wide unease are all causes of stress and health problems in the human population.

Holistic health is about taking care of the whole being, the mind, the body and the soul. If one is neglected the others suffer. Holistic means parts of something intimately connected to the whole. Our ancestors lived under stressful conditions too. They lived through wars and famine and brutal regimes, so why is life so much more stressful today?

The human race is holistic in its nature we are all intimately connected to each other. We make up one species of creature living on the planet with billions of other creatures. The whole world is holistic. We are living longer and there are more people on the planet than ever before. It is estimated there are seven billion human beings alive on Earth. We can expect to live until we are seventy years old and in many cases be part of several generations of one family.

Our modern diets are the cause of most health problems on the planet today. People are starving in parts of the world while others are obese and nutritionally starved. Fast food and chemical additives as part of a daily diet are not what the body needs even if the mind wants these poisons. We should treat our bodies to a healthy diet, plenty of water, fresh air and exercise instead of driving to the burger bar for a fast food, nutrient deficient, processed dinner with the family.

When we finally fall sick from the excess of toxins stored in our bodies we seek help from the medical profession in the form of medication. Prescribed drugs usually have side effects and the only people who really benefit from the toxic substances used in these medicines are the pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders. The animals on which they are tested most certainly do not.

The needs of everyone will differ, as we are all unique, just as our likes and dislikes will vary from person to person. We should listen to what our bodies tell us and not follow the latest diet or beauty regime, or join a religious group because someone we admire has done so. What is one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Holistic health means stepping away from the ordinary and striding into the extraordinary. From conception to death we are amazing beings but we only stay amazing if we maintain a balance of mind, body and soul.

I welcome you to the Holistic Health site and hope we can enjoy a journey together that will lead to a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Linda Heywood
Live life in the moment.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth." ~ Robert Monroe

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