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Increasing Learning with Disabilities
Students with learning disabilities have the ability to learn. They just learn differently. Student learning can be increased by simple cause and effect strategies.

Foods For the Mind and Body
People with learning disabilities are faced with the same health problems as anyone else. Food is a link to a healthy body. It is important to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Completing Goals This Year
Every year most people around the world make New Year’s Resolutions. The sad fact is that most fail. Resolutions can be attained more easily when goals are set and a strategy for completion is developed.

Money for Continuing Education
Students with learning disabilities often give up on the dream of going to college because of the lack of money. Cost of continuing education is often a concern of many graduating seniors. Proper steps can be taken to prepare for the cost of college.

Holidays Blues
The holidays can bring more than thanksgiving and holiday cheer. Winter holidays can bring holiday depression and stress. There are ways to treat holiday stress and depression.

Success Is Within Reach
Children, as well as adults with learning disabilities often get discouraged from past failures. Certain rules should be developed and followed on a daily basis. Daily successes can be achieved by following rules of success.

Dyscalculia Dynamics
Dyscalculia is a math learning disability that often effect children with learning disabilities. Weaknesses vary in visual-spatial processing, language processing, and temporal-sequential ordering. The mastery of basic math facts early in life makes the ability to move to advanced problems easier.

Challenges of Learning Disabilities
Children with learning disabilities often deal with challenges that are unseen. These challenges are social and emotional. Lack of confidence can result from fear and shame.

Overcoming Procrastination
Each New Year begins with new resolutions for many people. Once the newness of the year proceeds, many of us fall back into the old and familiar way of doing things. The resolutions spoken are lost to procrastination. The spirit of procrastination can be overcome with a little work.

Developing Positive Self-Motivation
Students with learning disabilities are often faced with challenges and disappointments along their journey of pursuing life’s challenges. With each failure, the level of motivation to complete certain tasks is decreased. This lack of success leads to lack of positive self-motivation.

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