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When Did I Get Like This by Amy Wilson - Review
My review of Amy Wilson's book, "How Did I Get Like This? The Screamer, the Worrier, the Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget-Buyer and Other Mothers I Swore I'd Never Be.

KidsEmail.org - Safe E-mail for Young Children
KidsEmail.org provides an ad-free, simple-to-use email account for children with a parent console offering several security options. My review of this service and why I'm signing up after the free trial.

Should Children Use E-mail
As computers and the internet become more and more a part of everyday life, children are becoming aware of electronic communications at ever-younger ages. At what age should children have their own e-mail account, and how should the use of that account be managed?

Safe Sunscreen for Kids
Tips on choosing safe and effective sunscreen for kids, and a link to a great database and resource for more information.

Parent Involvement in Children's Science Projects
When children do science projects, it's easy for parents to become over-involved. So how does a parent walk that fine line between appropriate support and inappropriate involvement?

Your Child's First Science Fair Project
It's a rite of passage in most children's lives – the first science fair project. Science fair projects can offer valuable lessons in planning, process, logic and presentation, not to mention, science! So what can you do to help create a positive science fair experience?

Preparing for Standardized Tests
Standardized tests are an unavoidable part of public schooling these days. What can a parent do to prepare a child to have a good experience and do their best when testing time comes around?

Sustainable Family Living – Three Easy Changes
Many families today want to live more sustainably and set good examples for their children. Here are three easy things families can do live more sustainably.

Respecting Children's Bodies
A basic understanding of the effect of breastfeeding on fertility.

The Power of Half - Book Review
A review of the book "The Power of Half" by Kevin and Hannah Salwen. Commentary on the story of this family who sold their home and gave half the proceeds to charity, as well as thought on what reading about this journey can mean to parents of young children.

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