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Acquiring Balance in Life
Acquiring balance means attending to the whole you. In other words, it is managing your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial health. How do you score yourself and where do you want to focus your health efforts? Read this to begin acquiring balance now.

Keeping the Goal in Mind
Defining your long-term goals or purpose is invaluable. Focus, tasks, habits, and flexibility are tools that will help you enjoy life while keeping the goal in mind.

Surviving Heart Disease
Heart Disease is the number one killer of women. In an effort to create awareness of heart disease, my interview with Marilyn Freeman, Heart Patient and Survivor, is informative and inspirational. Read how she copes and what she suggests for women with heart disease symptoms or concerns.

Inspiring Personalities
Do you know any inspiring personalities? You know those people that always seem truly pleased with the journey they are on. They say they are going to do something and then, actually do it. Great things just keep happening to them and they are so grateful all of the time. Wanna be one?

Discover Your Passion - A Review
If you are itching to make a change in your life, wanting to get to the root of your purpose, Discovering Your Passion might be the perfect read for you right now.

The Passion Test - A Review
A review of The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Life Purpose

Strengths Finder 2.0 - A Book Review
Getting to know your natural talents is enlightening and inspires greatness in you. Strengths Finder 2.0 provides a great start. Here's my review...

Making Successful New Year's Resolutions
If you are among the many that tend to start tackling their resolutions strong at the start of the year and fizzle early, maybe your approach needs to be tweaked. Try these tips for fulfilling your goals this year!

The Biggest Secret
In this article I share my biggest secret to happiness with you.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Maybe you want to be a millionaire or maybe you just think you want to be a millionaire. Having clarity of what you really want will help you better manifest your world.

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