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Nintendo Wii Sports Game
The launch title with the Nintendo Wii is the Sports pack. This set of five different games includes baseball, tennis, bowling, golf and boxing.

Tennis - Nintendo Wii Sports
Tennis is a game that works rather well with the Wii remote control. You just swing your arm, and your character swings the racquet. It works great for up to four players!

Boxing - Nintendo Wii Sports
Of the five games in the Nintendo Wii sports package, boxing is probably the most mature. Sure, there's no blood, but you're doing two fisted attacks directly on your opponent's head.

Bowling - Nintendo Wii Sports
Bowling is probably the easiest game of the Wii sports set. You draw your hand back, you release the ball, and it goes down the lane towards the pins.

Golf - Nintendo Wii Sports
The golf component of the Nintendo Wii Sports Pack offers three levels of difficulty, something none of the other sports games in this set provides.

Baseball - Nintendo Wii Sports
Baseball, that traditional sport of strategy and technique. The Wii sports version of baseball is quite simplified and can be a little tricky.

Training - Nintendo Wii Sports
The training area of the Nintendo Wii Sports lets you practice your skills and hone your hand-eye coordination. This is good not just for gaming!

Fitness - Nintendo Wii Sports
The fitness portion of the Nintendo Wii sports pack is sort of like Brain Age for your brain on the DS. It tracks your health progress over time.

Wii Mail Channel
The envelope icon on the Wii's main menu screen brings you into the mail area of the Wii's interface. This isn't exactly a channel, but is a message center.

Wii Legacy Game Downloads
The Wii lets you use your internet connection to download games from a variety of legacy systems. This includes the N64, SNES, NES and Sega Genesis!

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