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Just Dance 3 Song List and Tips
Just Dance 3 for the Wii has some great songs in it. Sometimes they can be quite challenging to get 5 stars on! Here's the song list and a few of my tips for success.

Just Dance 3 Downloadable Song List
If you're addicted to Just Dance 3 for your Wii, make sure you check out the collection of songs you can download! They're fairly cheap, and can add hours and hours to your dancing fun.

ABBA You Can Dance Wii
If you're a fan of ABBA, then you definitely want to take a look at You Can Dance for the Wii. This game gets you up off the couch, singing along, and having fun as well.

Leela Meditation Game
Leela is a very exceptional game - it's a game that helps you learn meditation, stress release, and calm. The type of game we can all appreciate!

Leela Guided Meditations
Leela is a meditation game for the Wii and XBox 360 that helps train a user's skill in meditation and focus. Here are details on exactly what guided meditation options are included.

Leela Silent / No Speaking Meditations
The Leela Silent Meditations are actually no speaking meditations. They do have the option of a variety of sounds and visuals to play while you do your meditation.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Wii
A return to classic Kirby gameplay, "Kirby's Return to Dreamland" should make any fan of the series happy with its cooperative-centric gameplay.

Wii Remote Plus Controller
When the Wii first came out, the controllers did not have the full motion sensors they have now. You can either get an add-on for those old style controllers - or you can get a new, integrated Wii Remote Plus Controller.

Proper Care for your Nintendo Wii
If you own a Nintendo Wii you know how incredibly fun it is to play with. Make sure you care for Wii properly so that it lasts you many years! Here is how to do that.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
The first Zelda game to truly take advantage of the Wii's control system, "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" offers a classical Zelda experience with some interesting new twists.

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