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Forgotten Scifi TV - Wizards & Warriors
Do you remember this fantasy satire show from 1983? We didn't either, until just recently...

Doctor Who 101 (Classic)
Here´s a look back at one of the longest-running SciFi TV franchises ever! The new "Doctor Who" is fabulous, but we'll always hold a place in our hearts for the original Doctors, his companions and his enemies.

Babylon 5 101
We think Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory" has it all wrong about B5. Here's a primer on the series and why it's still a worthy competitor of "Star Trek."

Roar 101
We look back at the 1997 series "The Roar," which was notable for its star, the late Heath Ledger, as well as its brand of ancient Celtic fantasy adventure.

Interview - Eureka, The Legacy
The final season of "Eureka" is now underway. Here's the second part of an interview with actor Colin Ferguson and writer/producer Jamie Paglia on the series' final season.

Interview - Eureka, The End
The final season of "Eureka" begins this coming Monday. Here's an interview with actor Colin Ferguson and writer/producer Jamie Paglia on the series' final season.

The New Adventures of Wonder Woman 101
Here's the 411 on "The New Original Wonder Woman," which became "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman." Join us in a celebration of truth, justice, and the power of a well-made bustier.

The Munsters Season Two Episode Guide
Here´s your guide to the second season of "The Munsters," which aired from 1964-1966 and remains part of pop culture consciousness.

The Munsters 101
In 1964, we were introduced to that All-American family, The Munsters. Join us for a look at a suburban family that was a direct reflection of the times we once lived in - believe it or not.

The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne Episode Guide
Back in 2000, a syndicated TV show called "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne" posited that the writer lived the adventures he wrote. It lasted only 22 episodes, all of which are listed here.

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