Avoiding Weight Loss Scams

Avoiding Weight Loss Scams
Losing weight seems to be a modern-day obsession. The abundance of high-calorie junk food, our sedentary, TV-watching lifestyles and our media-fed idolization of anorexic celebrities all contribute to our packing on the pounds and then wanting to miraculously take them off.

There are no miracles when it comes to weight loss, though. And, it is harder to lose weight than it is to gain it. And, what you lose in a couple of weeks when you are 20 takes months and months when you are 40.

But, if you need to lose weight, you can. Many people have safely lost huge amounts of weight and kept it off. First, see your doctor. You might have a medical condition that needs medical treatment. If not, your doctor will have information on the safest and sanest way for you to lose weight.

There are shelves upon shelves of weight loss supplements in the stores and untold gazillion websites and blogs devoted to magic weight loss pill myths. There is a long and shady history behind weight loss pills and if all you had to do was take a pill to safely lose weight, well, we would all be taking that pill, don’t you think?

None of these pills or potions, except Alli, are medially approved for sale for weight loss without a prescription. (And, even Alli has some pretty yucky side-effects and a pretty high price tag. Plus, it promises no miracles—you have to eat a low-fat diet.) For years, ephedra was easily available over-the-counter and did suppress the appetite and help people lose weight. Others, it killed.

The long-term damage of taking these pills or potions is in some cases unknown. In some cases, the warnings are right there on the label, but who reads the label when you want to be a size 2?

None of these supplements are cheap, either. They cost $20 for a month’s supply at the very lowest up to well over $100 a month. If you have the money to buy any of these supplements, instead spend it on healthy choices that can help you have the lifelong health and attractive appearance you desire.

For $100, you can hire several sessions with a personal trainer who can develop a program tailored specifically to you.

For $20, you can buy the ingredients to eat healthy for several days. Spend it on fruits and veggies, eat them and you will immediately benefit your body.

For $20 and up per month, instead of buying a package of pills, buy a gym membership. And then use it. Most have TV’s in their cardio rooms, so you can watch your favorite shows while moving your body.

Or, for free, take a walk everyday. Save the money you might spend on supplements and buy some walking dvd’s or a treadmill or (my favorite) new walking shoes!

Here is the true secret to safe weight loss and overall good health: Eat sensibly (lots of fruits and vegetables and lean protein with some whole grains), build your muscles (strength training or weight lifting) and build your endurance (aerobic workouts such as jogging or walking or cycling). Spend your money on those things and avoid the scams that will break your heart and your wallet.

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