Tips to Alleviate Swollen Hands When Walking

Tips to Alleviate Swollen Hands When Walking
Walking is a natural movement of our bodies. It is the perfect walking machine. So it one of the best option to get your body moving and healthy. When you start a walking program you may experience hand swelling while you walk. This is a common occurrence. However, no one wants to be uncomfortable while working out, understanding the issue and how to alleviate it will, hopefully, keep you walking to a healthier you.

Possible Causes

Most doctors agree that there seems to be little danger to your health when this occurs. Blood vessels in your hands dilate in an attempt to dissipate heat. This can cause puffiness in your hands. Your hands are often hanging to your side while walking which make it harder for fluid to circulate and that fluid can pool in your hands, also causing swelling. Another cause is an imbalance of electrolytes. Having too much or even too little sodium can create swelling in your body. As you become more aware of your body you will better understand which of these causes seem to contribute to your specific problem of swelling while walking.

Suggestions for Alleviating Hand Swelling

If you are suffering from swollen hands when you walk there are a few suggestions you can follow to get relief. First, make sure before you begin your walk to remove rings, bracelets and your watch so that they do not constrict your circulation. Also be sure to get the correct amount of hydration. This may take a bit of time as you tweak your daily fluid intake, but may help alleviate the amount of swelling that occurs. Another thing that sufferers of swollen hands have said that helps, is to raise your hands above your head several times during your walking routine. This will help the fluid circulate from your hands, decreasing the puffiness. Squeezing a ball while you are walking may also help get the circulation moving through your fingers. Try each of these solutions and see which one works best for you.

Additional Information on Swelling Hands While Walking

Some other useful information about hand swelling may help you decide which suggestions to follow. It seems that when it is warmer swelling is worse for suffers. Another thing that most sufferers have noticed is that shortly after the completion of the exercise their hands return to normal and the swelling decreases or complete disappears. Remember to eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables as another way to achieve a healthy balance of hydration. The more you know about ways to combat swelling hands when you are exercising the more likely you are to continue you walking routine.

While swelling of the hands can be aggravating and uncomfortable it doe not often pose a health risk. Follow the suggestions to alleviate the discomfort and get back to walking for your health. If you experience swelling at other times of the day or it does not decrease after you have completed your routine consult with your health care provider to be sure there is not an underlying health issue causing the inflammation. If you have any tips to add to these suggestions please join us on the forum and let others know what has worked for you.

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