Fitness vs. Weight Loss

Fitness vs. Weight Loss
Fitness is the state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition. We all know that weight loss is about losing pounds of fat from our bodies. One fourth of the population is considered obese and there are a huge amount of weight loss products out there. They do not work because, many times the thought process behind them is not conducive for positive results. Many people that want to lose weight feel shame. Shame that they have “let” themselves go, shame that they overeat, shame that they have become so sedentary. Shame is not a positive emotion that encourages motivation.


Fitness is often used synonymously with weight loss. they are not the same. Some individuals need to lose weight to become fit but not everyone that wants to be fit must lose weight. Some individuals may even need to gain weight to be physically fit. Fitness is about eating and exercising properly for healthy body, period. There are many thin people that have terrible muscle tone, or unhealthy eating habits. Fitness is something that everyone should be concerned with regardless of weight, age, race, or gender.

Eating and exercising for fitness does not evoke feelings of shame. Often fitness is looked at with positive emotions. Even fit people respect those that are not fit working on becoming more fit regardless of their starting point. Fitness is natural result of exercising and eating right. Regardless of whether you are working on building muscle, toning your body, or losing weight a fitness routine can be a part of your day.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is often a part of becoming fit. As stated above the population of obese individuals has grown to epidemic proportions. Many of the same activities that those that are fit do helps to find and/or keep a healthy weight. Exercise and healthy eating is crucial to both weight loss and fitness. However, there are couch potatoes that are thin and not fit, just the same as there are overweight couch potatoes. Depending on how you use food and exercise will determine how fitness plays into your goals.

Losing weight should not be the one and only goal to eating healthy and exercising. If done improperly losing weight can have negative effects on the body and mind. Many people look for easy answers to weight loss. There is no easy answer, people do not become overweight and obese overnight nor do they lose that weight overnight. However, it isn’t as hard as many believe it to be. Improving your fitness level will help you reach your weight loss goals.

The best place to start is understanding what fitness goals you need to have. It is easier to work toward those goals than it is to work on weight loss, for most people. Sometimes we need to change the way we think about obstacles to overcome them. For example, perhaps one of your fitness goals is to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without running out of breath. Walking up and down those stairs will get you to your goal of losing weight as well as being able to walk the stairs without breathing heavily.

Start with a small goal and if you are dedicated to that goal others will fall into place. Before you know it you will be meeting many obstacles as nothing more than small challenges that are easily overcome. Starting with a goal of walking around the block can quickly turn into walking around the park. Walking around the park can turn into walking a 5K. As you work toward your fitness goals, your exercise and nutrition become part of your overall well being not just about weight loss which has a lot of negative overtures. So what fitness goals would you like to implement into your daily routine?

If you would like to share with the Walking community, come on over and hang out in the forums. We would love to know what goals you are working toward and applaud you when you reach those goals.

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