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Discover books that will help you get and stay organized.

A Review of Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure star
Does your home need healing? This books aims to help you find out, and offers a plan to help you cure what ails your living space.

A Review of Home Therapy: Fast, Easy, Affordable Makeovers star
When your living space feels good and reflects who you are, it´s much more enjoyable. Lauri Ward´s Home Therapy is aimed at helping you give your home a makeover quickly and on the cheap.

A Review of How to Master Your Muck by Kathi Burns star
Getting organized isn't just about stuff or space. This book explains why, and offers suggestions on taking back control and living a richer life. Here's what I thought of it.

A Review of Organize Your Family's Schedule in No Time star
Get your family´s schedule under control once and for all with this comprehensive, easy-to-read guide. Here´s what I thought of the book.

A Review of Organize Your Garage in No Time by Barry Izsak star
BellaOnline Organization´s new book review feature kicks off with a look at Barry Izsak´s "Organize Your Garage in No Time," a book that´s sure to change the way you look at your garage.

A Review of Restoring Order: Organizing Strategies to Reclaim Your Life star
Looking for a book that will give you not only the hows but also the whys of getting organized? Restoring Order may be a good bet. Here´s my take on the book.

A Review of Room for Improvement star
In the second review in our new series, we take a look at Room for Improvement, a guide to making the most of your home and your life.

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life star[offsite link]
If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, this book is an invaluable source of information on how to get and stay organized. Judith Kolberg, the author, is a widely recognized expert in the field.

Conquering Chronic Disorganization star[offsite link]
Judith Kolberg´s Conquering Chronic Disorganization is one of the best-know and most well-respected books on how to get organized even if it seems impossible. It´s full of realistic, truly useful tips, tricks, and information.

Full Tilt Living star[offsite link]
Need an extra dose of inspiration to get over that next obstacle in life, whether it´s a pile of mail on the kitchen table or a crummy week? This book is the perfect source. It has plenty of down-to-earth advice on living life to the fullest and getting through the sticky spots.

Home organizing books at star[offsite link]
Browse through a wide variety of books related to home organizing, from guides on clearing clutter to books that help you get your family, schedule, and house in order.

Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home star[offsite link]
At some point, all of us will somehow be involved with downsizing a large home, either to prepare ourselves to move to a smaller space or to help a family member do the same. This book is a sensitive, realistic, useful guide to making that process as pleasant and productive as it can be.

Organization bookshelf at star[offsite link]
Browse some of my favorite organization-related titles at, from books that offer super-quick organizing tips to those that help with time management, home office setup, and fun ways to bring some style to your newly organized home.

Organize for Disaster star[offsite link]
Taking the time to make some plans and simple preparations for emergencies can help make them easier to deal with and potentially less severe. Judith Kolberg´s book offers tips on things like how to create an evacuation plan and what emergency tools to have on hand.

Organizing Books star
Keep your favorite reading material orderly, in good condition, and under control with these four organizing tips.

Organizing for the Creative Person star[offsite link]
Getting organized can seem doubly challenging if you´re a creative, nontraditional thinker. This book offers simple, realistic tips on organizing your stuff and your time if more analytical organizational techniques just don´t seem to work for you.

Organizing from the Inside Out star[offsite link]
Organizing from the Inside Out is one of the best-known and most popular organizing books on the market, and for good reason: Julie Morgenstern dispels the myth that there´s one "right" way to organize, and focuses on helping you create a system that will work for you.

Real Simple magazine online star[offsite link]
Real Simple is a comprehensive, down-to-earth magazine that´s consistently full of good ideas. The website features both recent and archived articles from the magazine.

Real Simple: The Organized Home star[offsite link]
The folks from Real Simple know their stuff when it comes to realistic, effective organizing ideas. This book is full of beautiful photos and simple, inspiring ideas.

Room for Improvement by Barbara K star[offsite link]
Barbara K is the creator of tool sets designed especially for women and an expert in home repair; her book, Room for Improvement, offers information, inspiration, and tons of helpful tips on a variety of home improvement projects (including organization).

The ABCs of Full Tilt Living star[offsite link]
A companion guide of sorts to Full Tilt Living, this book offers an A-to-Z collection of tips, ideas, and exercises to help you live your best life. It´s a great tool for helping you change old habits (like disorganization) and stick with positive changes.

The Life Laundry: How to De-Junk Your Life star[offsite link]
A companion to the BBC TV series, this book puts organizing in a great new perspective: think of reducing clutter and de-junking your home as putting your life through the laundry. The book includes a quiz to help you determine how cluttered your life is, as well as easy to follow, straightforward tips on how to clear out the junk that´s holding you back.

The Organizing Sourcebook star[offsite link]
Full of real-life stories, this book offers simple, realistic ways of getting at the root of disorganization and finding solutions that fit in your life, make sense, and are designed to last over the long term.

The Western Guide to Feng Shui star[offsite link]
If you´re interested in learning more about feng shui but don´t know where to begin, this book is a great resource. Author Terah Katherine Collins explains the origins of this ancient Chinese art and provides simple, realistic suggestions on how to use it in modern life.

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