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June 26 2006 Cocktails Newsletter

Cocktails Newsletter --
Cocktails Newsletter
from BellaOnline Editor, Michelle Dompierre Southern
Cocktails with Michelle Dompierre Southern, for BellaOnline
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Latest Feature:

Cocktails with Editor Michelle Dompierre Southern, for BellaOnline Michelle's Cappuccino Whip Mocktail

A tasty treat any time of the year, this coffee and chocolate milk beverage is a great way to indulge your sweet tooth without the alcohol. With buzz or without. Beat the heat! :)

Recent Recipes and Articles:

Haven't dropped by lately? Here are the currently featured recipes for cocktails, mocktails, reviews, and other articles since my last newsletter:
  » Chill Out With A Coffee Frappe
For coffee lovers of all types, this delicious frozen martini is wonderful as a cool treat on a hot night -- or a cold night with a hot guest. Be prepared and make ahead, as you must freeze part of this drink and have it on hand to mix with the rest of the ingredients.

  » Trend Alert: Pomtini Martini Recipe
Cosmopolitans have been replaced by the incredibly trendy Pomtini, which uses healthy pomegranate juice and delivers a sweet / tart flavour. Guests will be entranced by the taste, the colour, and your incredible sense of style when you serve this at your next get-together.

  » Trend Alert: Lychee Martini Recipe
This exotic, tropical fruit from Vietnam and southern China is becoming more easily spotted in trendy restaurants and bars. With new lychee-flavoured liqueurs now in vogue, you can serve your guests at home and save the valet parking fee for more mixers. Enjoy!

  » Lychee Spritzers For A Crowd
Becoming increasingly popular, the once obscure lychee is a hit with mixologists. With new lychee-flavoured liqueurs now in vogue, you can impress your guests with this make-ahead recipe that allows you to whip up a batch, and serves up to ten people at your guests' leisure.

  » Cool Summer Melonade Cocktail Recipe
Summer goes fruity with this delicious and refreshing alcoholic cocktail, made with melon liqueur, vodka, and your favourite lemonade.

Cutting Back On Booze?

You can eliminate most, if not all, of the alcohol in the cocktail recipes I feature and write about. To find heavenly recipes for beverages that don't involve any booze at all, check out my always-growing section on Mocktails (which are alcohol-free cocktails). You'll enjoy all of the fun without sacrificing taste!

Michelle's Swizzle-Stick Tip

What is "sour mix"? Some cocktail recipes list sour mix as part of their ingredient listing. It's a little like lemonade, but more syrupy. You can make your own to have on hand for your next get-together:

  » Easy Sour Mix Recipe

Simply Dazzle 'Em...

No one needs to know you require advance notice to be the host(ess) with the mostest! You'll be prepared for guests in a flash with these simple and delicious summer cocktail and mocktail recipes:

  » Champagne Mimosas Recipe
  » Long Kiss Goodnight Martini Recipe
  » Chocolate Martini Recipe
  » Lemon Drop Martini Recipe
  » Seabreeze Cocktail Recipe
  » Green Apple Martini Recipe

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Notes On A Cocktail Napkin...
I apologize... I put in the wrong link for last newsletter's featured cocktail recipe, the Coffee Frappe. In writing the newsletter, I used "undo" and unfortunately it pulled out the link along with the paragraph I'd wanted removed! So much for technology... they should invent something to catch the mistakes you make with all of the newfangled gadgets. I miss my typewriter from eighth grade! :) I can't be the only one. Anyway, to make up for my blunder, along with the latest feature I've updated the cocktails database with several more recipes. They aren't yet available on the rest of the site, and as promised in the forum, can only be viewed from the links in this newsletter by subscribers:

  » My Fuzzy Peach Iced Tea
  » My Fuzzy Peach Mocktail
  » Nacho Libre? Cuba Libre!
  » Classic Champagne Cocktail
  » Cassis Cocktail
  » Shaken Margarita Cocktail
  » Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
  » Tequila Sunrise
  » Sex on the Beach

Enjoy the rest of June! Happy Canada Day, and Happy Fourth! :)

~ Michelle Dompierre Southern
Cocktails @BellaOnline

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Cool Summer Cocktail Event
  » Tales of the Cocktail, hosted in N. O.

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  » Fuzzy Peach Iced Tea
  » Updated Mint Juleps
  » Perfect Patio Parties
  » More Summer Cocktails
  » Mocktails, Mocktails, Mocktails

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