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Parenting - Nature vs. Nurture
What creates a child's personality - their inborn traits or their environments? The nature verses nurture conflict may never have a resolution, but where do the role of parents begin and end?

Jealousy Between Siblings
Sibling jealousy can be a problem the moment a new baby comes home and last even as the siblings enter adulthood. Here are some ways to help parents manage the “green-eyed monster” overshadowing sibling relationships in their households.

Babe Movie Review
Babe, part of my “oldie but goodie” collection of family movies available on DVD, was also a critically acclaimed feature film while in theatres. It was nominated and won multiple awards, including the prestigious Oscar and Golden Globe. However, will the new generation of kids like it?

The Bully Victim and Bystander Personalities
Bullying happens a lot between children, especially in school. Do the victims of bullying share personality traits which makes them a target? What steps can parents take to create a safe environment and stop bullying?

Healthy Diets and Healthy Minds
Kids eating habits don't just shape their bodies, but they also shape their minds. Parents should be aware how a healthy or unhealthy diet affects their kids on a daily basis.

Nothing Like the Holidays Movie Review
Adult siblings, each at an impasse in their personal lives, go home to visit their parents at Christmas. Secrets of their ongoing challenges of life are what each brings with them to their reunion, but they don’t expect their parent’s problems to be at the forefront of the family gathering.

Adult Sibling Rivalry and the Holidays
Sibling rivalry and conflict doesn’t just go away with adulthood nor is it nonexistent during the holidays. As families come together for holiday activities, relationship issues can resurface. Here are a few tips to help adult siblings keep their conflicts under control.

Twilight Movie Review
This popular teen vampire love story goes from the book to the big screen. While this PG-13 film is definitely not for families, it is for targeted for teens. Can it live up to the hype and will parents approve?

Middle Child Syndrome
Middle child syndrome is an expansion of the birth order theory. Are there real character traits related to the emotions of the middle child or is this “syndrome” lacking in credibility?

Holiday Family Movies
Slotting in families can be due to a sub conscious act by parents to stereotype their children. The result are personality traits and behaviors that are due to expectations. As parents can we keep ourselves from stereotyping our children?

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