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The Benefits of Napping
If a good night's rest can make you mentally sharp, then a nap will make you brilliant. Join Einstein, Beethoven, Franklin, Clinton and other intellectual personalities in honing your skills with the art of napping.

It's Spring! Have a Ball!
Getting inspired to do the things we’ve always wanted to do can sometimes require a little youthful playtime. Playing ball is one of the first concepts of play we are introduced to as Toddlers. Getting back in the game can be a blast with options that never grow old.

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The Soulful Council
What if every soul met every night to create opportunities for every human to be happy? Here's a look at what that could mean and how it translates now.

Checking Off Items on Your Bucket List
Many of us have a great bucket list of fantastic life goals. But how do you insure that you will accomplish them? Here's a great "How-To".

The Value of Spontaneity
We all understand the worthiness of being organized and predictable. Well, spontaneity has wonderful qualities too. For one week, live outside of your box. Try these 5 tips to inspire a little spontaneity in your life.

Starting the Day off Right
Get a head start on your day by setting the tone the night before and reaffirming that morning. The result is a day full of productivity and opportunity.

Creating Happiness
On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? Use these 5 steps to create happiness.

The Secret of Christmas
A special feeling infuses us at this time of year; a feeling of love, compassion and hope. But many times this feeling quickly dissolves after the holidays. Discover how you can carry this feeling with you throughout the year.

Grateful Living
Grateful living creates a life filled with blessings. Not living the grateful life yet? Try these easy steps to bring gratitude, and the blessings that follow, into your life.,

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