Give Yourself the Best Gift Ever this Year

Give Yourself the Best Gift Ever this Year
Whether you are rich or poor, Scrooge or Santa, Christian, Jew, Muslim, agnostic, atheist or something altogether different, you can give yourself the most wonderful holiday gift ever this year. And, it is something you can share with everyone on your list.

That gift is a healthier lifestyle. You deserve it and it will benefit you far longer than most of the “gifts” you will open this year. You can also share this gift with those you love and it will enrich both your lives for years to come.

I recently read that in five years you will become a mixture of the five people you spend the most time with (I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it.) Now, that’s a bit drastic, but I did get the point, as I always told my children and my students “You are who you hang with.” Wouldn’t it be great to be a positive, healthy influence on those you hang with?

Many people fall into what I call a “Comfort Rut”. They eat only foods that are easy to obtain, prepare and eat, and worse, are foods that they eat twelve times a week, every week.

They exert themselves physically only as required to go about their daily lives. Unnecessary physical activity is shunned. It hurts, they don’t like to sweat, they don’t have time, and so on. They sit on comfy couches, sleep in comfy beds and wear comfy clothes (which sooner or later means elastic waistbands and stretchy fabric!)

Their entertainment comes into their houses via television or internet and choices are vast and easily changed. Far more comfortable than going to a play that might get boring or a museum where one has to walk around.

It is too easy and comfortable today to live without using our bodies in any way other than to drive an automobile, change the channel, or send an instant message. And, it is far too easy to drive through and pick up our instant meals devoid of real nutrition. We are easing our way not just into early graves, but to an old-age that starts younger and younger. We are stricken with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, joint problems, morbid obesity, and many more lifestyle diseases as early as childhood now.

It is scary, don’t you think?

But, you can make a difference and you can do it now. Promise yourself that your gift to yourself and to the world this year and in all your years to come will be health.

Just start with these five things:

Try one new vegetable a week. Find good veggie recipes and try them.

Cut out one fast food meal a week. Watch Super Size Me if you need motivation to do this.

Start walking a little bit more every day. Start with five minutes a day. You can do it in front of the TV!

Read the articles here for motivation and tips.

Join our Walking Forum for support and encouragement.

Happy and Healthy Holidays to you and yours!

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