Springtime Allergies and Walking

Springtime Allergies and Walking
Springtime brings out the birds, rabbits, squirrels, and walking enthusiasts everywhere. However, there are many that are trapped inside due to allergies. If you do not suffer from seasonal allergies count yourself lucky. Head congestion, itchy, water eyes, and sneezing can feel debilitating when you want to enjoy the outdoors. For those suffering with allergies during the spring season something as simple as walking can take a bit of planning. However, those that plan, can enjoy walking outdoors on many days during the springtime.

There are many allergens during the spring, knowing which ones trigger your attacks can help you combat them effectively. If you take allergy medicines, many professionals recommend that you start them several days before the season begins. If you suffer allergy attacks that alter your daily habits the first action you should take is to visit your doctor. There are tests and/or medications that may be able to help you alleviate most, if not all allergy attacks, that only a doctor can prescribe. If you know what will set your allergies off you can avoid walking outdoors on the days that those pollen counts are highest.

If it is still difficult to control your allergies, and often it is, you may want to consider implementing some other allergy relief tools into your daily routine.

Neti pots can wash away pollen spores from your nasal passages. When used regularly many allergy sufferers find relief. It is recommended to rinse the with the Neti pot about 4 times a day when pollen counts are high. Neti pots are inexpensive and while some find it uncomfortable, it can aid in relief from sinus congestion and irritation.

Another way to combat allergy attacks is to change the intensity of your workout or change the type of workout you are doing completely. The harder you breathe the more pollen you will breathe in. So, you may want to take it easy on high pollen count days. Instead of a vigorous walk, try a stroll, stretching exercises, yoga, or Tai Chi.

Breathing through your nose will also help. Your nose hairs will act as a filter to minimize allergens from entering your system. Also, switching to daily contacts or glasses instead of regular contacts can protect your eyes from allergy irritation. That way allergens are not trapped in your contacts.

If your allergies are severe, opt for walking on a treadmill, at a mall, on a walking track, or with a walking video in your own home. Being a little creative with your routine will make it easier to reach your goals and will keep it from becoming boring or tedious. If you suffer from allergies and would like to share tips that make the season bearable for you with the community please visit our forum.

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