Drumming can be a fun way to relieve stress and maybe get some exercise. Drums can be used for fun, rituals, meditation and shamanic journeying. Playing on a drum can be one of the most natural things to do alone or in a group setting.

Drumming to relieve stress can come in many different ways. Some people may prefer a professional set of drums and a sound system. May people will prefer a simple drum for a simple, stress-free experience. You do not have to have any training to beat on a drum for stress relief. You can get a simple drum that is inexpensive but will work just fine. Beat the drum in a way that feels and sounds good to you.

You can also drum to enhance meditation. Drumming can be done by you or another person. There are drumming circles and meditation groups in many towns. You can also get drumming music for meditation on CD or MP3. Amazon has a great collection with prices as low as $0.99. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have access to drumming for meditation.

Drumming also plays an important role in shamanism. Shamans use drumming for assistance with the shamanic journey. The drumming goes at a certain pace for beginning a journey, the active part of the journey and to end a journey. The drumming helps you connect with the spiritual world to begin a journey. This helps you reach a trance-like state. The drumming can also help you come out of a trance state. You can also get drumming for journeying on CD or MP3.

Drums come in many prices, shapes and sizes. You can find simple drums on the internet or possibly in a music store. The only thing to focus on when getting a drum for personal use is get one that speaks to you. You can also have one special made to your specifications. If you are really crafty, you could make your own drum. Do what works for you. You can also use a bucket as a make-shift drum if you feel so inclined.

Drumming can be a very personal experience. It can also be a fun way to get some friends together for a relaxing time. Find a drum or a bucket and go where the mood takes you. Have some fun and beat some stress away.

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