Love Yourself

Love Yourself
What do you do when you feel like you have hit rock bottom? It seems like there is no place to go and nothing to do but hide beneath the rocks. These are the times when you need to love yourself more than ever. You need to find the strength within to rise up and fight. You need to believe that there is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it. You are a fighter. You are not a quitter. Get up, dust yourself off, and create the life that you want.

Motivation and belief are important in determining if you will be able to climb back up out of those rocks. There are many ways that you can be motivated. You can read books, listen to motivational speakers, or use a motivational coach. If you have people in your life that are especially motivational, you can ask them for help too. Use your goals to motivate you to do the work that it will take to accomplish those goals.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to believe that you can do it. This can be difficult for some people but it is possible to have faith. You know that you can do it. Deep inside you know that you have what it takes to succeed. You are a strong and capable person.

Believing in you is important. Loving the person that you are is even more important. If you do not have self-love, how can you do what is best for you? You need to love the person that you are right now even if there are some things you would like to change. Remember that all of your life experiences have the shaped the person that you are right now. Love the person that you are.

It sounds almost too simplistic to just love yourself but there is nothing simple about it. It is not always easy to love yourself. Everyone has things about themselves that they see as flaws or just plain do not like. Just because you do not see you as a perfect human being does not mean that you do not deserve love. Nobody is perfect and it is not fair to expect that perfection. You deserve love.

Your heart chakra located in the middle of your chest is associated with love and compassion. The color green is the color of this chakra. If you need to feel more love try wearing green clothes or jewelry. Try to focus on your heart and feel the love coming from it.

Try this simple meditation. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Take a few deep breaths. Imagine a ball of green light in the middle of your chest. This ball is filled with love and compassion. Imagine that this ball of light expands around you until you are sitting inside it. You can feel the love coming from your heart. It surrounds you and fills you with peace, love and understanding. Let the green ball shrink back into your chest and disappear. Remember that feeling and remember that it is always there inside you when you need.

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