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June 12 2006 Cocktails Newsletter

Cocktails Newsletter --
Cocktails Newsletter
from BellaOnline Editor, Michelle Dompierre Southern
Cocktails with Michelle Dompierre Southern, for BellaOnline
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Latest Feature:

Cocktails with Editor Michelle Dompierre Southern, for BellaOnline Three Trendy Summer Recipes

The June featured Cocktails are all about trend-setting recipes, such as:
· The martini that's replacing the Cosmo,
· An exotic fruit make-ahead spritzer, and
· New, hip liqueurs for unique martinis.
Enjoy the summer!

Recent Recipes and Articles:

Haven't dropped by lately? Here are the currently featured recipes for cocktails, mocktails, reviews, and other articles since my last newsletter:

  » Cool Summer Melonade Cocktail Recipe

Summer goes fruity with this delicious and refreshing alcoholic cocktail, made with melon liqueur, vodka, and your favourite lemonade.

  » Frozen Bellini Mocktail Recipe
This frozen Bellini mocktail is quick, easy, and still just as tasty made without alcohol, and with frozen fruit ices, sherbets, or sorbets.

  » Easy Champagne Bellini Freeze Recipe
Usually created with pureed peaches, this Bellini is much quicker and still as tasty made with frozen fruit ices.

Cutting Back On Booze?

You can eliminate most, if not all, of the alcohol in the cocktail recipes I feature and write about. To find heavenly recipes for beverages that don't involve any booze at all, check out my section on Mocktails (which are alcohol-free cocktails). You'll enjoy all of the fun without sacrificing taste!

Michelle's Swizzle-Stick Tip

Most everyone knows about freezing juice to make ice that won't dilute your punch as it melts, but did you know that you can make flavoured ice cubes to add a subtle taste to your favourite beverage? Try freezing lemon juice and water for your iced tea to add a tasty zing to each sip. Or add crushed herbs, such as mint, to the water trays for a pretty... and tasty... drink addition.

Simply Dazzle 'Em...

No one needs to know you require advance notice to be the host(ess) with the mostest! You'll be prepared for guests in a flash with these simple and delicious spring cocktail and mocktail recipes:

  » Pink Tulip Martini Cocktail Recipe
  » Lemon Drop Martini Recipe
  » Seabreeze Cocktail Recipe
  » Cinderella Mocktail Recipe

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Notes On A Cocktail Napkin...
I've just now completed the cover image for my new cocktail book (I'm also the graphic artist for the cover and inner images) and it's been an interesting day. At first I was so excited to be thinking about my work not only in a book, but as the cover... and then I remembered my editor talking about shiny and matte and then she mentioned it being in the catalogue and I freaked out a little bit. This is big time stuff, and it's very overwhelming. So after I calmed myself down by reading a bit of Anne Lamott's Bird By Bird I went back to the drawing board (literally). Once I get the okay, I'll give the subscribers of this newsletter a sneak peek of what's between the covers... as well as what's on 'em! Check out the BellaOnline Cocktails site regularly to find out the latest.

~ Michelle Dompierre Southern
Cocktails @BellaOnline

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Recent searches for the following terms will find the following cocktails in upcoming featured articles:
· Strawberry Daiquiri
· Sex On The Beach
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Hot Forum Topics
Shout above the crowd and have your voice heard! Here's the latest from the forums:

When you have a choice, which side do you fall?
  » Trendy or Classic Cocktails?

The call of the thirsty siren... what's your cocktail downfall?
  » What's Your Favourite Cocktail?

Dig In, Enjoy...
Food, food, food! It's wonderfully plentiful during the summer. Here are some recipes from other Editors to tickle your fancy:

  » Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  » Beer Cookery - Lina's Chilled Italian Trifle
  » French Sangria Recipe
  » Summertime Strawberry Desserts
  » Easy Mocha Latte
  » Tomato Black Bean Salsa Recipe
  » Habenero Chile Pepper Chicken Recipe

What's On Tap?
Here's what I've got in store for you for your next visit to the Cocktails site at BellaOnline:

  » Fuzzy Peach Iced Tea
  » Updated Mint Juleps
  » Perfect Patio Parties
  » More Summer Cocktails
  » Mocktails, Mocktails, Mocktails

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