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For God So Loved the World - Book Review
This multicultural board book celebrates our Savior's gifts to the world.

Respecting Children's Agency
We can prepare our children to make good decision later in life by allowing them to exercise their freedom in smaller matters when they are young.

Eve And the Choice Made In Eden - Book Review
Beverly Campbell's book eloquently and lovingly unravels the false image we have of Mother Eve and the Fall. She provides new understanding of these events, reclaiming Eve's damaged reputation, and giving joyful insight into the role and worth of all women.

Parenting : Consequences v Punishment
To teach our children to make wise choices in adolesence, do we "punish" them or allow them to experience "natural consequences" of their actions? Can mercy forestall justice? Does forgiveness repair all damage?

Noodleboro Picnic Game - Review
The Noodleboro Picnic Basket game to teach manners by Playskool is a disappointment, unless your children are younger than the recommended age. Save your money and get a "please" and "thank you" chart.

Post Easter Soup
Use the ingredients from Easter supper to make a delicious, healthful soup.

Temples : Sacred v Secret
Why are church members concerned about dramatic portrayals of temple ordinances?

Camp-Ins and Living Room Passport Suggestions
Suggestions for creative, maybe even educational,family bonding at home. An alternative to packing up and driving all day for a weekend getaway.

The Day the Babies Crawled Away - Book Review
A Review of Peggy Rathmann's The day the Babies Crawled Away. A legend in his own mind, the hero of this story saves the day against a visually exciting backdrop.

Brown Angels - Book Review
Brown Angels is a poigniant, captivating collection of antique photography that captures the universal state of human being found in the faces of children long ago.

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