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Giving and Spirituality
Something given freely out of compassion can enhance and enrich your life.

The Spirit of Valentine's Day
The spirit of love lives on well beyond one special day.

A New Year, a New Outlook
There is renewed hope for the upcoming year just on the horizon.

My Spirit Was Touched By a Canada Goose
In the presense of a majestic bird my spirit was filled with intense joy and peace. In giving, I received.

The Color Purple and the Spirit
Purple has a high vibrational frequency that can affect people in positive ways by increasing depth of feeling while bringing serenity and harmony to the spirit.

Position Among the Stars – Film Review
We are all the same no matter where we come from.

Pets and Spirituality
Pets provide us with spiritual support in ways we may not even realize.

Creating and Being Your True Self
It is important to know what moves us and what has meaning for us, and then to create that which we desire.

The Tapestry of Spirit - Book Review
Through a boy's journey a message becomes clear. To be true to your heart and to live with compassion will enable you to live your Destiny, a Destiny that is unique to you, yet part of the oneness that is the Tapestry of Spirit.

Unconditional Love and the Spirit
Inside each and every one of us is the most perfect love of all, yet far too often it seems very hard to give it and to receive it.

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