Rubin's Dirty Little Secrets

Rubin's Dirty Little Secrets
Let’s do a brief review. Jordan Rubin’s credentials are fake. His first book was removed from the market for making false claims and false advertising.1 He actually even plagerized2 sections.3 In his lectures, newsletters and books, he references the Bible, Dr. Weston Price and various studies to deceptively back up his claims for dirt. He continuously lies about his “studies” being published in peer-reviewed journals – when they’re not.

The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients refers to itself as “anecdotal” – not factual. Another publication Rubin references, The New Scientist, states on their website that they do “not give any warranty or other assurance as to the content of the material appearing…its accuracy, completeness, timelessness or fitness for any particular purpose.” In other words, it’s fit for nothing.

But the biggest and most irresponsible ploy he uses is to berate people for their “irrational fear of dirt.” He tells us that we have nothing to fear. “May I respectfully suggest you eat some dirt?” Rubin says.4 Advice like this could easily get you killed.

He implies (never proving) that our ancestors ate dirt and didn’t die of degenerative diseases. But what he conveniently neglects to mention is that a much higher percentage of our ancestors died young from infectious diseases instead. And many of these infections were dirt borne diseases from none other than SOIL and the many ORGANISMS that live in it.

So, are you going to take Jordan Rubin’s word for it that soil organisms and dirt are safe to eat, knowing that his facts, credentials, information and research are all either fake, questionable or wrong?

Our natural fear of dirt is highly justified and rational! So much so that our body has developed a safeguard against all sorts of organisms, including those in soil. It’s called stomach acid and one of its main jobs is to KILL organisms that manage to make their way into the body. Eating soil is even considered to be a psychological disorder, called Pica. Pica is characterized by the repeated eating of “non-nutritive, non-food substances, including paint, plaster, dirt, clay and laundry starch.”

Here’s just a short list of what’s found in dirt; parasites, bacteria, fungi, hookworms, actinomycetes, protozoa, nematodes, tapeworms, tetanus and viruses. Any family member of these soil organisms can cause you extreme distress or even kill you.

We’re not suggesting you pave your yard or keep your children indoors. And, we’re not saying that soil organisms don’t have their rightful place in nature. A farmer’s income lives and dies by soil. But, we are warning you not to eat dirt, avoid bogus soil organism products, be sensible when you get dirty and wash your hands and food.

A real PhD and professor of soil and environmental microbiology told us, “Organisms found in the soil would not serve as a healthy supplement for humans.” No kidding! It’s time to see Rubin for what he really is; a snake oil salesman of bogus (possibly even dangerous) tonics.


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2. Rubin’s plagerism of coconut oil passage, Patient Heal Thyself, J. Rubin, page 138
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