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A Defect Called Control
We hate to be labeled "controlling" but most of us do admit that in our addiction(s)control was not only important but vital to survival. In recovery, we have had to learn to let go.

The Good Fear
Recovery makes us aware of fear and how we acted out because of fear. Most of these can be eliminated through time and a lot of work. Do we want to eliminate all of them? There is one I want to hold onto.

WHO and More
The WHO reports about alcoholism around the world and documents the health risks. Also, "not a blog", a sobriety birthday, and Bill's Friends.

Loving Ourselves
Love is such an easy word to use. There are a lot of things we love; there are people we love. But do we love ourselves?

Grateful Awakenings - Guest Writer
Suzan C. expresses beautifully and realistically the subject of drinking and drugging in our dreams. All of us in recovery have had the experience. Is it really all that bad?

More Step One?
We only have 12 Steps to guide us in recovery and we read and discuss them over and over. No matter how often, we can still read and see something we never saw before or famiiliar words take on new meaning.

How much a person drinks does not necessarily make him an alcoholic. A person could drink heavily and never cross the line. It is not only what we put in our body; it is what goes on in our head.

Change and Acceptance
There are so many ways we have changed in sobriety. We also know we can't change others. Acceptance is not always easy.

The Joy of the Season
The holiday season is special to us. It is a time to remember and a time to be in gratitude. We are so blessed to be where we are today and we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
A key element in recovery is sponsorship. Do you have a sponsor? Are you a sponsor? Should there be criteria to be a sponsor? This is the first article in a series that will discuss sponsorship from every angle.

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