Lifestyle Coach Talks about Fitness Goals

Lifestyle Coach Talks about Fitness Goals
Recently I was given the opportunity to interview Lifestyle Coach, Diana Blake. She spoke with me about some of the most common reasons people don’t meet their fitness goals. Diana also shared her experience and knowledge in regard to her personal approach to Lifestyle Coaching and fitness, and how it can benefit you. The following is the interview.

1. What are some of the major reasons we have trouble meeting our fitness goals?

Your fitness goals must be well defined. Developing a plan of action toward goals that are not specific, measurable or realistic is like trying to find your way to a destination without knowing the name of the destination, how far is it, and can you get there with the form of transportation available to you! Well-defined goals that reflect your individual needs are essential for a successful outcome.

Lack of commitment is another major reason why we don’t meet our fitness goals. Although commitment is merely a decision to take action, it is one that clients must make continuously as they move through their plan of action to completion. Since support and encouragement from others is known to create a significant positive effect on commitment, people often seek the services of coaches or trainers to assist them with their fitness goals.

2. How can a life coach help you achieve your fitness goals?

A life coach can help you meet your fitness goals first by helping you define those goals within the context of your life. A life coach seeks to
understand the value you place on other activities in your life to help you achieve the necessary balance for a successful outcome.

A life coach seeks to understand your individual needs, abilities and personality in order to help you define a plan of action. She will assist you in moving along your defined plan of action and will be there to identify obstacles and readjust your plan accordingly.

Throughout the process, your life coach will hold you accountable for actions you have committed to. Because these actions are critical to your success, your life coach may require you to notify her before a task is about to start and when it is completed, insuring its accomplishment.

A good life coach will know how to effectively encourage and motivate you and may also assign exercises which may include research, observations, or reflections. Lastly, once you have achieved your fitness goals, your life coach will share in your success!

3. How is a personal trainer different from a life coach, who has expertise in fitness?

Personal trainers usually work with you at a gym, although they can come to your home if you have equipment there. Life coaches typically do not work with you as you exercise but instead conduct sessions in an office, at home or over the telephone.

Personal trainers know how to use equipment correctly and what exercise routines best suit your fitness goals. Personal trainers monitor your performance and help motivate you to keep exercising. A Life Coach will address all aspects of your life and help you achieve the necessary balance that leads to success. How do you decide which is best for you?

If you need help or advice on what equipment to use and how to use it to achieve particular fitness goals, along with a supportive person to encourage you, a personal trainer is probably a good choice.

A life coach will be a better choice if you have more general fitness goals. She will not assist you in anticipating the need for using special equipment. However, if you have trouble finding the time for exercise; have trouble motivating yourself to exercise consistently or at all. There is a definite difference and your choice will be critical to your success.

4. What is your advice on how to choose a life coach to help you reach your fitness goals?

Just as when choosing a therapist, financial planner or other professional with whom you will be working closely, having a good fit with your coach is essential for success.

Take advantage of free consultations to get a feel for the coach’s perspective, personality and style, as well as what he or she has to offer. Certification and credentialing are good indications of excellent coaching abilities but personal experience with the issues you are experiencing is often an equally significant factor.

Seek out recommendations from others and thoroughly read any information the coach publishes. Also consider that the coach’s fees fit within your budget. You will want to follow your plan through to completion without experiencing any anxiety related to cost.

5. How can readers contact you?

You can email me at or call me at 443-832-3373 for questions, comments or if you would just like to connect.

I conduct coaching sessions personally in Columbia, MD, over Skype and the telephone in the US and Canada. To learn more about me and my program, please browse my website at

You can also check out my Facebook Page at, where I have a free advice column. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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