Fitness Made Simple-A Review

Fitness Made Simple-A Review
This is a review of the book Fitness Made Simple, by fitness expert, John Basedow. This book is a plan for a lifetime of fitness based on diet, exercise, and supplements.

The book begins with John Basedow describing his struggle with weight and self-esteem. He relates personal stories to demonstrate his desperation and describes the process he used to come up with the program.

John’s method began with looking at every diet he had tried, and all the workout plans he had followed, as well as fitness and nutrition books he had read. After filtering through this information he created a workout and nutrition plan that he was confident would work which was the "Fitness Made Simple" plan.

John’s Fitness Made Simple (FMS) plan is based on a “triangle” which includes nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. He begins to describe the triangle in chapter 4;starting with nutrition. John insists that diets make people fatter due to the “yo-yo syndrome” and his plan is not a diet it is a nutrition plan. John advocates that all essential elements should be contained in a healthy nutrition plan which includes protein, carbohydrates, and fats. He goes into detail with each nutrition category explaining how each fits into the FMS plan.

Chapter 5 describes the FMS 40. These are 40 super healthy foods that John believes will build muscle, and get rid of fat. The FMS 40 is made up of Fantastic Fats, Muscle-Maximizing Proteins, and Slow-Burning Carbs. John’s nutrition plan is based on making these 40 foods “the foundation of your nutrition plan”. This chapter also includes a 7 day sample eating plan and lots of recipes.

Chapter 7 is a list of nutrition facts. Basedow feels that people often have specific questions about the nutrition plan, so in this chapter he attempts to answer questions that may come up.

Chapter 8 begins the exercise portion of the plan. John states his exercise philosophy as “fitness is not a game of how miserable you can make yourself. You have to find a routine you enjoy-not one that you can tolerate, but one that you actually enjoy and look forward to.” The FMS workout program includes cardio exercise, strength training with weights, and ab training.

Chapter 9 lays out the FMS workout plan in detail. The program is explained for each day of the week and overall is a great workout plan. The workouts consist of cardio 4-5 days a week for 40-50 minutes; strength training with weights every other day; and ab training 4-5 times per week. There are pictures of John performing the exercises included in the plan and easy to follow instructions.

Chapter 10 discusses supplementation. John talks about the quality of a supplement’s ingredients and gives advice regarding the rules that he follows while taking supplements. He then provides a list of his favorite supplements, which are meant to achieve fat-burning and lean-muscle building. These are Basedow’s personal recommendations based on supplements he has either used himself or those referred to him by his clients.

In Chapter 11 Basedow describes how to make fitness a permanent part of your lifestyle. He lists his six rules, which are practical reminders, for sticking with a fitness plan.

Chapter 12 concludes the book with John’s encouragement of “The Power to Be Better”. It is a major pep talk on transforming your body and your life, making yourself more energetic, confident, and happy.

I found John Basedow to be a high energy motivator. The nutrition program is sound but for me the plan is too abstract and without specific guidelines. However, even if you aren’t following his plan the FMS 40 is a great place to search for healthy nutrition choices.

The exercise program is great and if you are able to stick to the schedule then you can expect good results, but it is much more intense than I expected from “simple fitness”.

The book is full of personal testimonials from real, regular people, who have found this program to be everything they had hoped for. I think if you are willing to invest the time and energy into making this a long-term commitment it will work for you too.

Always check with a medical professional before starting this or any exercise program. Be healthy, be happy!

This book was purchased by me with my own funds. The review is based on my personal opinions.

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