Your Best Workout Ever

Your Best Workout Ever
Your best workout ever begins by identifying your goals. Next, use this sample workout, based on the three most popular reasons people workout, to develop your own best workout.

You want to lose body fat
It’s simple; muscle burns more calories than fat. One of the best ways to burn fat is with interval training. You can do interval training with most cardio workout choices, such as walking and running.

Interval training can be as easy as walking as fast as you can for one minute and then slowing to a brisk pace for 2-3 minutes. You can use this technique to build a reasonable cardio plan. Decide how long you want each cardio workout to be, what type of intervals to use, and the length of each interval session.

Use the principle of interval training to enhance the fat burning quality of each cardio session. Keep in mind; the more often and longer you workout the more calories you will burn.

You want to build muscle and be well toned
Weight and resistance training are the best ways to build muscle. You should do 2 strength training sessions 2 times a week. These workouts can combine exercises using your own body weight for resistance and using dumbbells.

In order to form your strength foundation you should start with a basic beginner’s strength training program. Begin with one session, of 2 sets, 12-15 repetitions (reps) of each exercise. Use a moderate weight which makes it challenging, adjust as needed, and stay safe.

You want to increase endurance
First identify your reason for increasing endurance. This may apply to many different activities such as: walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming.

Interval training is a great way to build endurance. No matter what your exercise you can use the interval training principles described above to increase your stamina.

Another way to build endurance is by increasing the length of your workouts. Add an additional 2 minutes per session for a week and continue to add more minutes each week until you reach your goal.

This is a sample workout using the above principles which can be used as is, or change it to suit your personal needs. This workout will get you into your best summer shape ever.

I will use walking as the example in this workout, but the cardio segment can be applied to many types of cardio exercise.

Walk 4-5 times a week. Make 2 of the walks 30 minute interval walks. The other 2-3 walks should be 30-40 minutes each. Walk briskly keeping your heart rate in your fat-burning zone, (See Related Link Below).

If you want to increase your endurance then add 2 minutes per week to the brisk fat-burning walks. Continue to increase by 2 minutes per week until you have reached your goal.

Strength & Resistance Training
In a well rounded strength and resistance training program you want to work all major muscle groups 2-3 times per week. Do not do full-body workouts back to back as the muscles need at least 48 hours to rest and repair.

This strength training workout uses combination exercises to work more than one muscle group for each exercise. You can also combine all the exercises to do full body workouts 2 times per week. For each exercise choose your weight so that by the last repetition you have reached your maximum workload (the most you can lift and not be able to do one more repetition).


1.Squat & Press with Dumbbells
•Stand with feet shoulder width apart
•Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your shoulders, with your palms facing forward
•Slowly bend your knees, squatting down and back, keep your back flat
•At the same time extend your arms and press the dumbbells straight over your head
•Pause then reverse the movement back to starting position
•Continue for 2 sets of 12 repetitions (reps) and only a 30 second pause between sets.

2.Standing Lunge and Curl:
•Stand with your left leg 2 to 3 feet in front of your right leg
•Hold a dumbbell in each hand, hanging at your side with palms facing forward
•Slowly bend your right knee, dropping the left knee towards the floor, keeping your back straight
•As you bend your leg, bend your arms raising the weights to your chest
•Pause then reverse the movement back to starting position
•Continue for 2 sets of 12 reps and only a 30 second pause between sets.


1.Dumbbell Press and Abs Curl
•Lie on your back on the floor, knees bent and feet flat on the floor
•Holding a dumbbell in each hand let the weights rest lightly on your chest with your elbows out to the side
•Straighten your elbows pushing the weights straight above your chest
•Keeping your arms outstretched immediately lift your head and shoulders off the floor
•Hold for 3 seconds then release to starting position
•Continue for 2 sets of 15 reps and only a 30 second pause between sets.

2.Arm & Leg Balance
•Start on your hands and knees with a straight back; head in line with your spine; face towards the floor
•Simultaneously raise and extend your left arm and right leg away from the body in opposite directions
•Engage the arm and leg holding for 3 seconds then return to starting position
•Continue for 2 sets of 15 reps and only a 30 second pause between sets.


1.Seated Row
•Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Your feet should be slightly forward of the knees.
•Hold a dumbbell in each hand, keep your back straight, then lean forward slightly
•Extend your arms forward with your hands on either side of your knees and your palms facing in
•Squeeze your shoulder blades and bend your arms pulling your elbows back and beside your hips and waist
•Pause then reverse the movement back to starting position
•Continue for 2 sets of 12 reps and only a 30 second pause between sets.

•Start on your hands and knees, and your body forms a straight line from your head through your spine
•Cross your ankles for stability
•Place hands in line with your shoulders
•Bend your elbows and slowly lower toward the floor
•Stop when your shoulders are in line with your elbows, then push up
•Continue for 2 sets of 15 reps and only a 30 second pause between sets.

Now you know how to create your own best workout ever so have fun and be safe.

Always check with a medical professional before starting or adding to an exercise routine.

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