Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Calorie Quiz

Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Calorie Quiz
Take this simple Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Calorie Quiz and learn how much you really know about losing weight. Learn about factors included in a weight loss solution such as burning body fat; what are calories and their effect in weight loss; and the how does exercise fit in.

Answer “True or False” for each question in the fat loss and exercise quiz, and then check your answers below.

Question 1
Every time I am burning calories I am burning fat. True or False

Question 2
The longer I workout the more fat I burn. True or False

Question 3
Eating small amounts of food-even junk food will probably not get stored as fat. True or False

Question 4
Cardio exercise is the best way to promote fat loss. True or False

Question 5
If I’m overweight then I am fat. True or False

Question 6
One pound of fat takes up the same amount of space as one pound of muscle on our body.

Answers to the Weight, Fat Burning, Carlorie Quiz

Question 1 is False.
Your body is always burning a mix of carbs and fat for energy. Carbs are your body’s preferred and most efficient fuel source. Fats are also used as energy but they do not burn as efficiently as carbs. Fat is a concentrated fuel source and the body stores it as a backup energy source.

Effect on weight loss: The factor concerning weight loss is not if we are burning carbs or fats. What is important is the amount of calories being burned. The weight loss rule is, “to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume each day”.

Question 2 is True.
Working out longer at a lower intensity will burn fat stores at a higher percentage.

Effect on weight loss: You may be burning more fat stores but it is taking you longer than if you worked out for a shorter time at a higher intensity. This is a controversial issue, but based on current research the best thing would be to gauge your workout on the amount of time you have available. Make the most of your time whether long and steady or short and fast and include a variety of both types of workouts weekly.

Question 3 is True.
If you are eating fewer calories than you burn-up then the food will not be stored as fat.

Effect on weight loss: Too much of anything-even healthy food will get stored as fat if you are eating more calories than your body is burning.

Question 4 is False.
The most effective way to promote fat loss through exercise is a combination of steady, regular cardio and weightlifting.

Effect on weight loss: Strength training burns more fat after the workout. The extra value of strength training is that it increases the metabolic rate and continues burning calories longer. Cardio workouts burn the most fat during the workout

Question 5 is False.
Some people think they are fat when actually their weight is okay. While others who are happy with their weight may be mistaken. This is because the scale only gives us our weight it cannot tell us if we are fat.

Effect on weight loss: In order to determine if you are fat you must know your body fat percentage. The body fat percentage is the percent of our weight that is made up of fat while the remainder of the body is “lean body mass”.

Question 6 is False.
One pound of fat takes up 20% more space on your body than 1 pound of muscle.

Effect on weight loss: The fact is that working out is not only important in order to burn calories, but also for building muscle. Even if you haven’t lost a lot of weight you will appear tighter and more toned.

There are many misconceptions regarding fat stores in our bodies and burning those stores to lose weight. The basic rule in losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. If you burn more calories than you eat you create a caloric deficit and your body will rely on the stored fat for fuel then you will lose weight.

Hopefully the Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Calorie Quiz has provided you with some basic knowledge you can use in your own weight loss efforts. Be healthy, be happy!

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