The Miracle Ball Method-A Review

The Miracle Ball Method-A Review
I came upon the Miracle Balls by accident while browsing a bookstore and was surprised to find them there. The Miracle Ball set was in the exercise section and within the compact box were two balls and a small book titled The Miracle Ball Method written and developed by Elaine Pertrone.

Pertrone, a dancer began to experience chronic back and leg pain. She saw doctors and chiropractors but her pain could not be diagnosed. She became severely depressed and her body became more tense and stressed. She took pain medication for relief but Elaine was seeking a diagnosis and no one had the answers she needed.

Doctors told Elaine that she should not exercise and her muscles began to wither. Fortunately, after many months Elaine found a small group of teachers using balls combined with breathing techniques to ease pain. Elaine knew this is exactly what she needed and after using the balls and the breathing regularly she was relieved of her pain. This is when she developed her healing system The Miracle Ball Method using exercises, the Miracle Balls and breathing practices.

The Miracle Ball Method is based on the theory that less is more. The more stress and anxiety we experience in our bodies the tighter the muscles become. This can cause the body’s alignment to suffer and increase pain. Using the balls is about releasing the body into the Miracle Balls, letting the balls support you as you learn to let your muscles relax.

Having been a yoga teacher for many years I am familiar with many different breathing methods and the breathing described in the book is unique and standard to the method. I found a comfortable and relaxing alternative is the yogic complete breath.*

The exercises in the book are based on positioning the balls in different areas of the body and performing mild movements. After following the method for awhile I experimented and have found relief by moving the position of the balls up the length of the backside of my body and resting in each place for about 3 minutes. However I recommend you use the exercises in the book before you start adjusting the routine yourself.

The balls are very tough and meant to last for years. They are only partially filled with air so don’t think they are defective when you get them. However if overtime you feel the Miracle Balls are deflating, you can add air with a bicycle pump. They are a rubber-like material and easy to clean by just wiping them with a damp cloth.

Pertrone teaches her method to other fitness and health professionals such as physical therapists, personal trainers, massage therapists, and in hospitals. She states that The Miracle Ball Method is a “head to toe breakthrough program of relief”.

I have experienced some pain relief using the Miracle Balls and I recommend that you give The Miracle Ball Method a try. It is inexpensive, easy to do, and hopefully you too will have pain relief. I look forward to using my Miracle Balls each day. I do not consider it a form of exercise but rather “un-exercise” as Pertrone calls it. Be healthy, be happy!

*The Yogic Complete Breath: Begin by lying on your back and placing your hands on your belly. Take a deep breath and be aware of how your abdomen expands under your hands. Move your hands to your rib cage and notice how the rib cage swells with your inhale. Take your hands and place them on your chest feeling your chest rise with your breath. Use the same hand placements with your exhale and notice how the chest and rib cage deflate as well as the abdomen contracting. Now that you have traced the breath through your body you will not need the hand placements, just continue to breath slowly and completely in this manner. This review was based on my personal Miracle Ball equipment which was purchased by me with my own funds.

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