Make Buying a Treadmill Easy

Make Buying a Treadmill Easy
You have decided to buy a treadmill and want to know where to start. Walking into a store without background information is not a good idea. The internet is a good resource for researching treadmills before you buy. However, nothing beats the hands-on experience when you are ready to make your purchase. Here are some steps that will make buying your treadmill easy.

•Decide how much can you spend, and buy the best treadmill you can within your budget. This is a piece of equipment that should last a long time so you want to make a wise investment.
•Make a list of features that you want and a list of extras you would like to have. If you shop wisely you may be able to afford your required features and some extras.
•Your budget will be a major guideline in your research. However, don’t limit your research to price alone. Take a look at some of the more expensive treadmills. You may find something you were not aware of that is important to you.
•Compare brands, you may be able to narrow your search by finding a brand that you particularly like. Compare the equipment available to your budget, is there a fit? Are there models available locally or will you have to travel to purchase it? You can always buy over the internet but then you won’t have the chance to try it out.
•You may be able to narrow your search if you look at some of the online reviews and comparisons.

•Make sure a treadmill is a viable purchase for you by considering your objectives. Do you want easy access to workout equipment? Are you a beginner and want to start a walking regimen? Are you walking as part of your regular workout routine? Are you walking to lose weight?
•How much space do you have available in your home for the treadmill? The average treadmill is 6.5’ x 3’. Your usage of the equipment may be inhibited if the space is inconvenient, or if you have to fold the treadmill. Easy access will increase your probability of working out.
•Durability is probably the most important factor. Test the stability, run on it, walk on it, and shake it. Determine if it is sturdy enough for multiple users and running.
•Read the warranty

Important Features – (these are not in order of importance)
•Look for a motorized incline, most include an incline of 1-10. Manual inclines are limited to two levels and it is cumbersome to switch between levels.
•Comfort cushioning is very important to protect impact on your joints. This feature is common on newer models and some will have different patent names, i.e. Comfort-Glide.
•Look for a monitor that is easy to read and has the basic information you want.
•Make sure there are safety features such as an emergency tether or switch off.
•The frame of a treadmill should be firm and sturdy. Walk on it making sure it is smooth and doesn’t rattle or shake. Check the weight limit.
•Walk on the treadmill gripping the handrails in the position you will use and make sure they are comfortable. Usually handles are directly in front of you with larger ones on each side. It is important that the side railings are not in your way and you have plenty of room to get on and off the treadmill safely.
•Make sure there is a place for your water bottle.

Non-essential Features
•Heart rate monitors are usually included on new, medium price range models.
• If you grow bored with the manual speed and incline operation then look for treadmills with pre-programmed workouts. They are challenging and provide variety.
•Some models have docking stations for IPods and MP3 players. This allows you to listen to your favorite music without wearing headphones.
•A new feature is the cross-arm models. These include resistive arm poles which when used can provide an increased cardio experience.
•Treadmill monitors can come full of extra devices such as: speakers, fans, and even TV’s. However, repairs can sometimes be a hassle.

Now you know what to look for when you go shopping. Treadmills are an excellent workout option. When working out wear apparel that is easy to move in and not bulky. You will also want to wear good walking or running shoes that provide support and comfort.

Read the owner’s manual and stay safe. Have fun on your walk and always, Be healthy, be happy!

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