Analyze Your Workout to Keep Moving

Analyze Your Workout to Keep Moving
Do you ever get a little flustered because you’ve let your exercise routine become unorganized? Personally I have this conundrum right now: I’m going to Physical Therapy, I want to walk my dogs, I want to workout with the new book I got “Foundations” (a program for back pain), and I want to practice some yoga and Tai Chi everyday. If I try to do all of this then I don’t have time for work, family, or play. I get discouraged and give up all together.

So I decided it was time for an analysis on the different of aspects of my exercise program and see if I could come up with something that worked. Here is a case study of myself and some of the things I considered:

1. Do I do the same workout each day or do I exercise in a variety of ways?
2. Do I have a weekly exercise schedule?
3. What pieces of a workout are the most important for me, or I enjoy the most?
4. Do I exercise too little or too much?
5. Lifestyle consistency. My typical daily schedule allows time for exercise. Evidently this timeframe is not working or I would be sticking to my workouts.
6. How long do I need to workout: 30 – 40 minutes, an hour?
7. Plan B. This is my backup plan. If I am not able to do all or parts of my workout then I choose one item (which will remain the same) that I will do consistently. Even if it is only 10 minutes.
8. Do I choose exercise that I like or do I feel like I am being punished when it’s time to workout?
9. A large part of my exercise routine consists of physical therapy (PT) for my back. I try to make my appointments the same times and days each week.
10. I’m not having fun, I’m frustrated, and a combination workout is difficult to develop due the physical therapy items I am required to do for knees, shoulders, and back.

After reviewing this list I came up with some answers to these questions and observations.

1. I don’t have a weekly exercise schedule and I really want to. I try to include too much variety in these workouts. Based on my current situation I don’t work out long enough. My goal is 30 minutes 5 times per week.
2. The things I really enjoy in my workouts are: walking my dogs, yoga, and Tai Chi.
3. The PT exercises are important for my ongoing joint health. I talked to my Physical Therapist and he gave me some suggestions on how to include these exercises into my routine without taking up so much time.
4. I realize that the time I set for working out wasn’t the problem. The problem is me finding excuses to eliminate the scheduled spot. I have begun putting my yoga mat out in my office and taking breaks to do the PT exercises and a few exercises from the Foundation Program. It’s amazing when I started doing this I actually did all or most of, the workout without feeling punished.
5. I am slow to wake up in the morning. I usually have coffee and watch the news shows. So in order to start the day refreshed and in a good state of mind I decided to do my yoga and Tai Chi in the mornings. I cut back on the time that I spend watching the news and have shortened the amount of yoga and Tai Chi I do so that it ends up being about the same amount of time.
6. I now included several PT exercises for knees and shoulders 3 times a week. I work on my back when I actually go to PT, which is usually 2 days per week.
7. My Plan B is yoga and Tai Chi. Together I can do a short routine in 15-20 minutes.
8. There are many other forms of exercise I want to incorporate into my routine. But I have come to realize that 30 minutes of exercise a day is good. I don’t have to be a “Superwoman”. The other forms of exercise I want to add are Pilates, light weight lifting with dumbbells, the Yogalosophy workout and more because there is always something new and exciting. So for the next few weeks (I haven’t established a time frame) I am doing some of the Foundation Program. After awhile I can use that time to switch out to something else. It gives me variety and learning something new keeps me from getting bored.
9. Walking my dogs will have to remain a luxury for now. It’s one of those things that I will enjoy when I can. We usually walk about 30 minutes so maybe occasionally I will switch out my new workout schedule and replace a day with walking. That’s something I need to remember, it is okay to be flexible, and it’s actually healthier.

So when I started writing this article I had no idea where it would go. But by analyzing the different aspects I am now able to sit down and write out a simple and enjoyable workout. I hope it works for you too.

Remember always check with a medical professional before starting an exercise plan. Be healthy, be happy!

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