Are Exercise Apps Good for You

Are Exercise Apps Good for You
Well there’s an app for that. Smart phones certainly seem able to do almost anything and that includes apps for exercise. There are apps that count your calories, the nutrients in the food you eat, how many steps you took today, or a quick 5 minute workout. It sounds great but in reality are exercise apps really a good idea? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

-Exercise apps are convenient. You carry your smart phone everywhere. To the grocery, the airport, school, even the gym. If you aren’t able to get in a regular workout then the exercise apps can be a good idea.

-Input. The app is only as good as the input. It’s up to you to record what you eat, your measurements, and how many sit-ups or push-ups you did. However, exercise apps are excellent for helping you record your workout sessions and for keeping notes on your progress.

-Exercise apps are a good place to look up pictures or names of exercises. They are useful in describing the proper procedure of an exercise.
Motivation. There are exercise apps designed especially to motivate you. As long as it is positive motivation then it’s a good idea. Just don’t let your app push you around or push you too hard.

-Is exercising a game? Well with some of the newer apps it is. New to the market are video game exercise apps. Sounds like fun but are you really working out? Be careful about what apps are effective and what apps may be unsafe.

-Exercise apps can provide knowledge to people who have never been exposed to exercise before. It is great that the idea of exercise is being spread and people are being educated.

-Information is readily available and there are a vast variety of exercise apps that can take you from the 7 Minute Workout to Brain Gain. Apps are helpful because they are available 24/7.

-It’s fun to browse the store viewing the different exercise apps. A lot of them are free so you can always try them out and if you don’t like it just uninstall.

-Using an exercise app is not like having a real person there to check your form and technique. An app is not a person following your progress and developing an exercise plan specifically for you. Apps can be created by anyone and not necessarily a personal trainer.

Are exercise apps safe? Yes and no. They are good at tracking information and giving you a standard issue exercise routine. But to get the best effective, safe, and personal development a qualified fitness specialist is the only way to go.

Maybe you don’t have the money to join a gym or workout group. In this case an exercise app is a good choice rather than no exercise at all. Hopefully it will get you up and moving. Do your research and rate the best apps.

So there you have it. Sometimes exercise apps are a good idea. But be careful about the information you are using. Ultimately a good safe workout is what you’re looking for. Just choose wisely.

You should always consult a medical professional, whether you’re using an exercise app or not and before starting or changing an exercise program.

Be active,
Live well!

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