Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer
There are many good reasons to hire a Personal Trainer (PT) but there are also cautions to take if you decide to do so. Personal Training is at an all time high right now and the internet can bring a PT into any home. The first thing you should do is ask yourself, “Why do I want, or need a PT”? If you can’t come up with a specific reason then it’s probably not the time to invest. However if you want someone to develop a fitness plan based on your abilities, or improve your current workout, or to understand the basics of fitness, then a PT is probably a good choice.

Recommendations to consider before hiring a PT:

•Have some specific goals in mind. You don’t to walk up to your PT and just say “make me over”.
•Research the trainers available to you either through your gym, a private PT, or online PT. Qualifications mean everything. You are putting your body into someone else’s hands so you want to be safe and know that the person you have chosen is skilled. Also research the different certifications available to PT’s; how do the certifications rate, what kind of certification, and do you need someone specialized in a certain category.
•Look for a PT who is truly in the business and not someone who comes in a few hours a week to earn extra money.
•There are several PT scenarios from which you can choose. For example, there are trainers who work at gyms, there are private trainers who can either come to your home or have their own studio, and the newest are the online PT. Think through it carefully before you decide what type of training you prefer.

Pros of hiring a Personal Trainer:

•Experience. PTs are trained to design a workout suited to your current fitness needs.
•Motivation and support. One of PTs main jobs is to keep you motivated. They are also there to share with you each success no matter how small.
•Protection. A PT will show you the proper use of gym equipment and watch you as you workout reducing your risk of injury.
•Responsibility. If you know you have an appointment with your trainer your less likely to blow off your workout.

Cons of hiring a Personal Trainer:

•Price. You have to pay for a PT. You can shop around but your decision should not be based just on cost.
•Despite your best efforts you have managed to hook up with a trainer who lacks experience and the proper educational qualifications.
•Dependency. Don’t use your PT as an excuse to only work out when you have an appointment. You should have a program and work on it even when you’re not with your trainer.
•Familiarity. A good relationship with your trainer is nice but you don’t want to become new best friends. There are certain boundaries that should be kept and that includes keeping the relationship professional.
•Progression. Make sure that your trainer is moving you forward. Don’t do the same old exercises over and over. As you get stronger you will also want to increase endurance, intensity, and duration. If your trainer is not providing this then you should probably look for another trainer.

A topic to be discussed separately is the business of online Personal Training. Use the same recommendations when researching virtual online trainers.

Pros of Online Personal Training:

•Online personal training is usually cheaper.
•Individualized exercise programs based on your goals that fit around your schedule and available equipment.
•Online training websites often have a variety of bells and whistles that are fun to use, such as: listings of exercises, video examples, heart rate calculators, calorie calculators, planning tools, and workout alarms.
•Flexibility. Work out when you want to.
•Convenience. You can do your workout anywhere you have a computer.
•Reduces the fear factor. Some people are just totally uncomfortable in a gym so online trainers allow you a way to get a great workout without leaving your home.

Cons of Online Personal Training:

•You still have to have willpower. You are responsible for encouraging yourself to workout.
•Without face to face contact you can’t get a fitness evaluation, which is most often the starting point for your trainer’s exercise prescription.
•You don’t have that hands on training that is often needed, especially for beginners.
•It’s hard to know if you’re doing the exercises correctly.
•Motivation. You will probably have more motivation to show up and meet your trainer in person than be accountable to the online trainer.

Whether you decide to hire a trainer, face to face, or online, will depend a lot upon your personality. It will also take a realistic evaluation of your personal needs and goals. Whatever you determine to be your best option remember to always check with a medical professional before starting or changing any exercise programs.

Be healthy, be happy.

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