Strength and Resistance HIIT Workout

Strength and Resistance HIIT Workout
In a recent article I wrote about HIIT and why to use it as a part of your exercise program. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which is intervals of high intensity exercise alternated with short rest periods allowing you to get your workout done in less than half the time and burn fat fast. HIIT workouts designed for cardio and strength training are different and this is an outline of a specific strength and resistance training HIIT program.

There are several things to determine before you start this type of workout:

•Make a list of exercises you would like to include in your workout. You can make a long list of exercise that you would sequence through once or a shorter list that you would go through 2-4 times.
•Test your dumbbells and determine what is the maximum weight you can lift safely and keep good form. Keep your dumbbells handy.
•Determine the length of your workout.
•What is your fitness level? This will determine the intensity and number of intervals in your workout.
•These workouts can be very demanding, always check with a medical professional before you start or change any exercise program.


•Count repetitions for each exercise, then move on quickly to the next.
•The combined set of exercises is called the “interval”.
•Proceed through the interval 3 times with a 30 second rest period between each interval.
•Write down your start and finish times. This will help you adjust the workout to fit into your timeframe.
•Don’t use a book during the workout; it will take up too much time as you move to the next exercise. Use the book before hand to get exercise ideas and proper instructions.

A 15 Minute Strength and Resistance HIIT Workout:

•Always include a 2 minute warm up, using light cardio.
•20 lunges with or without dumbbells in each hand
•20 Standing shoulder presses
•25 bicep curls
•30 Standing elbows to knees
•Repeat sequence starting with lunges.
•Repeat intervals 3 times for approximately a 15 min. workout.
•Cool-down with some light stretching


•You can vary this workout by increasing the intervals by a maximum of 1 or 2 sets.
•Increase or decrease the intensity by increasing the number of reps you do or, change the amount of weight you are using
•You can change the exercises, or the number of exercises in the set.


•Don’t move so quickly that you trip or lose your balance.
•Don’t over estimate your ability and push yourself to use weights that are too heavy.
•Read through the routine several times, including the instructions, so that you are
familiar with each exercise before you begin doing it.
•The most important thing is to balance how fast you move with how well you keep form. Rushing from one move to the next and ignoring proper form is a big mistake. Yes, these workouts are meant to be done quickly, but you can do it quickly and keep your movements deliberate. Steady deliberate movements will actually make the routine move faster and keep you safer.

Try using HIIT in your cardio and strength workouts a couple of times before you decide if it’s right for you. Sometimes a workout may feel awkward and all it takes is a little practice, or a different order or sequence of exercises. Play around with it and soon you will be setting up your own HIIT workouts. Be sure not to do HIIT workouts on back to back days.

Be healthy, be happy.

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