A Review of the Fitbit Zip

A Review of the Fitbit Zip
If you are into the technical aspects of fitness then you will enjoy this review of the Fitbit Zip. This tiny gadget is a clock, pedometer, calculates the distance walked, and the calories you burned, all for the moderate price of $59.95. It has replaced the term pedometer with the latest “Activity Tracker”.

The Technical Stuff
•The Fitbit Zip is 1.4 inches high, 1.1 inches wide, .38 inch deep and weighs only .28 oz. It’s tiny and can be eencased in a silicone clip. Even in the holder it is small enough to be discreet. It can be worn anywhere on your body, such as your pocket, belt, or bra. Personally, I wear mine on a chain around my neck. The Zip is also rain and sweat-proof.

•The Zip comes with a 3V battery which is expected to last from 4-6 months. A low battery screen will alert you when it is time to be replaced. The battery is easy to replace using the battery door tool which locks and unlocks the compartment and is included in the Fitbit Zip packet.

•Zip’s trademarked MEMS3-axis accelerometer measurers your motion patterns to calculate your calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken.

•It averages over 90% accuracy in steps taken. It bases the calculations on your personal information which you will enter into the Fitbit.com software. I have used the Zip while walking on a treadmill and it works great. It accurately picked up my number of steps as well as providing the other calculations.

•The information on the Zip is seen progressively by tapping the screen. Each tap moves you to the next bit of information. Starting with the smiley face, which will become an unsmiling face if it feels you are not exercising enough. Next tap and see the time, tap for steps taken, tap for distance, and tap for calories burned.

•Unfortunately the Fitbit Zip does not come with a backlight and it is virtually impossible to see it at night.

Software and Synching
•There is almost no set-up required. The package contains the Zip™ tracker; wireless sync dongle; replaceable battery, the battery door tool, and the Free Fitbit.com membership.

•The Fitbit tracker is the first all-day activity tracker to offer Bluetooth Smart connectivity. This allows you to receive real time information on your phone, pads, and tablets. There are many fitness apps on the market and the Fitbit Zip is able to connect and export data with many of the most popular apps.

•Using the wireless sync dongle, included with your Fitbit, you can sync to your PC, which must be within a 20 ft. distance.

•You can log on to Fitbit.com and create a free account. Once you have an account you can use the Zip’s synching capabilities to download all of your daily information.

•The Zip resets itself each night at 12 a.m. so it’s important to do your synch before bed.

•Fitbit software offers online tools that will allow you to log your meals, water, workouts, and weight. There is a huge database of food items to choose from for recording what you eat. This information can travel with you anywhere if you have the mobile app.

•The software is a lot of fun. There are an assortment of graphs, tools, and charts which are customizable and can be set up based on your goals. Your personalized dashboard will give you a visual measure of your fitness progress.

•The Zip doesn’t record activities other than walking, jogging, or running. However, if you are a biker you can track your activities through the Fitbit software.

•Get your friends and family to connect to Fitbit.com and you can have some fun competition. The leader board will keep you informed on your standing in the competition all throughout the day.

•The Fitbit Zip comes in five colors: blue, magenta, white, charcoal, and lime.

I bought my Fitbit Zip a month ago and I love it. Not only is it cute but it is convenient and functional; I no longer wear a wrist watch. I find I’m motivated to check my steps and see when I might need to take a couple walks around the block. The set up was very simple and I was using it 5 minutes after I took it out of the package.

The Zip has received very positive reviews on major TV networks and in magazines. I agree with all of them. The Fitbit software is easy to use and is a great add-on included in the purchase price of the Zip itself. If you are looking for something to inspire your exercise, track your statistics, and have fun with, then the Fitbit Zip is perfect for you. Be healthy, be happy!

I reviewed the Fitbit Zip by Fitbit.com available online. This review was based on my personal use of the Fitbit Zip activity tracker which I purchased for myself with my own funds.

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