Ten Tips to Workout Safely

Ten Tips to Workout Safely
We exercise to be fit and healthy but an injury can sidetrack you for a long time. Safety must always come first. Sometimes the things you can do to keep safe are very simple and some precautions are more complicated. Either way you don’t want to get hurt, so it is important to spend the time and effort to follow these tips.

Here are 10 tips to keep your workout safe:

1. If you are at the gym and want to try a new piece of equipment, find a gym employee to show you how to use it correctly. If your workout companion uses the machine regularly and wants to teach you how to use it then you may consider this option. However, be certain that your companion really knows what she is doing.

2. If you’re at home and have new workout equipment then read the instructions. Some are just a page or two and some are a book. It’s up to you to determine how much of the manual to read but at the very least read the basic instructions on how to use the controls and what your role is to stay safe.

3. Do you workout too hard? Take frequent safety checks to make sure you are not over doing it. If you work out regularly and push yourself consistently without any easy days and rest, then you are setting yourself up for an injury.

If you are working out and get dizzy, nauseous or disoriented then stop immediately. Respect pain; pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Don’t think you can just push yourself through it, it’s not worth the chance of a new injury or disturbing a current injury.

4. Using DVDS is a great home workout choice. However, it can sometimes be challenging to watch the DVD and do the exercise at the same time. I suggest that you watch the DVD at least once before you begin to use it for exercise. Become familiar with the instructors directions and the movements required to do the exercise. This is very important if you are learning a new form of exercise.

5. You may find online workouts or short spot exercise sequences on YouTube that you want to try. Explore this option with caution. Find out if this workout is prepared by a reputable source. You will probably be using some sort of computer to watch the online videos. Placement of your device is important as you don’t want to hurt yourself just trying to see the video. Again, I advise that you watch the entire workout before you try to practice it.

6. You have a limited amount of time and you may find it tempting to rush. Don’t do it. Concentration is one of the most important factors of working out. We don’t always consider the psychological side of exercising but the mind is powerful and we must stay focused or we lose control.

7. Wearing the right apparel is important. You want to wear something suitable to the activity you are engaged in. A lot of exercise clothing is tight fitting. This is designed to keep you safe as baggy or billowy clothing can get caught in machinery. It can also inhibit your movement and make it more difficult to do the exercises.

Wearing tight fitting clothes is not appealing to everyone and I am not advocating that you do. I am suggesting that you find a middle ground where your clothing is safe and comfortable. Some sportswear is too revealing and this can be a problem also. You don’t want to constantly be checking your exposure.

8. Buy the best you can afford. Whether it is clothing, shoes or exercise equipment, quality counts. You want to get the most from your purchase.

9. Listen to what your instructor or trainer tells you. If she says move out of a position slowly then don’t just pop up. If your trainer tells you to synchronize your movement with your breath, then try. They are fitness specialists and it is their job to keep you fit and safe.

10. Relax and breathe. If you relax your body you are less likely to get hurt. Tight muscles are more vulnerable and movement is more difficult. Applying focus and concentration during your workout will make your experience more enjoyable and you are less likely to injure yourself.

Have fun, stay safe and be happy, be healthy!

Alway check with a health professional befor starting or changing your exercise routine.

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