Circuit Training-Week 4 of Exercise Tune Up

Circuit Training-Week 4 of Exercise Tune Up
This is week 4 of our Exercise Tune-UP and we are going to learn about Circuit Training. Circuit Training may sound similar to an HIIT workout and it is. Each exercise is done for a specific period of time and then you move on quickly to the next station. Typically a circuit training class is 30 minutes. Each time you switch to a new station you are using a different set of muscle groups so it is a full body workout. It can also be done at home where you design your own circuit or use the ones I give you.

Here is a circuit for beginners. Remember you can always adjust the exercises by intensity and endurance (time spent on exercises).

Beginners Circuit – Do not rest in between stations. Move quickly from one station to the next.
Station 1 – 10 reps, include each leg

• March in place
• Lift your knees high and swing your arms

Station 2 – Chair Squats, 10 reps
• These are like regular squats however you start sitting in a chair
• As you straighten your legs and come up out of the chair, lift you arms up over your head
• Sitting back into the chair let your arms fall back to your side

Station 3 - Bicycle Abs, 10 reps on each leg,
• Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor
• Put your hands behind your head
• Lift your head and shoulders toward the right
• Bring your left knee up towards your body and straighten the right leg straight out
• Switch your twist and knees back and forth

Station 4 – Leg Lifts, 10 reps on each leg
• Come to your hands and knees
• Take your right leg straight out behind you
• Bend your knee and bring your foot towards your butt (10 x)
• Repeat with left leg

Station 5 – Wall Push Ups, 20 reps
• Face a wall and stand about a foot away
• Place your hands against the wall about shoulder width apart with arms straight
• Bend your elbows and move your chest towards the wall
• As you come in towards the wall lift your heels up

Station 6 – Jog or march in place for one minute

Station 7 – Standing Side Bends, 10 reps to each side
• Stand with feet shoulder width apart
• Bring your arms into a T position
• Bend slowly side to side running your hand down your leg

Station 8- Walking Lunges, 10 reps to each side
• Stand with feet hip width apart
• Begin walking forward coming into a lunge with your forward leg and dropping the back knee to the floor
• Come up and continue moving forward doing the lunges as though you are walking
• Turn around and lead with the other leg walk back to the beginning
and repeat

Station9- Hip Rolls, 10 reps to each side
• Lie on your back , bend your knees and bring them into a table top position
• Bring your arms into a T position on the floor
• Roll both legs together to the right towards the floor
• Do not touch the floor
• Roll back to center and then to the left
• Continue the side to side motion

Station 10 – Jumping Jacks, 25 total

Rest for 1 minute then begin again. For best results do the circuit 2-3 times.

Always check with a medical professional before starting this or any workout. Be healthy, be happy!

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