Three Week Fat Loss Workout

Three Week Fat Loss Workout
This three week fat loss workout plan really works. Do it for three weeks and see how your body is sleeker, toned, and stronger.

You will do each workout twice a week. They are short, 30 minutes or less. You can do the workouts in any order you like, just don’t do the same one back to back

Recovery Workout - – We all need easy days to recover and let the muscles heal from the harder workouts during the week. Do this workout 2x per week; do the following exercises, repeating each 2-3 times

•Lunge with Side Bend
o Stand tall with arms at your side
o Step forward with the right leg and drop your left knee to the floor into a lunge
o Reach over your head with your right arm, as in side-bending
o Reach towards the floor with your left arm. Hold for 5 breaths and repeat on other side.

•Shoulder Reach and Stretch
o Reach behind your head with your right hand
o Reach behind your back with your left hand
o Try to reach hands and clasp fingers
o Hold for 5 breaths and do both sides

•Side Rotation for back
o Lie on your left side on the floor; bend your hips and knees
o Place both arms out on the floor in front of you, palms together
o Keep your left arm, legs and hips in position
o Lift your right arm up an over the head and body, until your right hand and upper back are flat on the floor
o Hold for 5 breaths. Return to original position then repeat. Do the same on the other side

Total Body Resistance Workout - Building muscle mass and bone density burns fat fast. Do this workout 2x per week. Start with one set of 8-10 repetitions. Week two and three increase to 12-15.

•Plank push-ups
o Come into a plank pose with hands on floor, shoulder width apart, legs out straight behind you and core engaged
o Bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the floor going as far down as you can. Try for 10 repetitions. You can work up to it. Increase in the next 2-3 weeks.

•Wood chop with twist
o You will need one dumbbell between 8-12 lbs.
o Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart. Hold the dumbbell in both hands over the top of your head
o Slowly lower both arms and cross over your body to the right
o Come up slowly and repeat to the left; that equals 1. Repeat 10 times to each side.

•Single –Leg Hip Raise
o Lie on your back on the floor
o Bend your left knee and right leg is straight
o Put your arms into a T
o Lift your right leg until both kneecaps are even
o Push your hips upward, keep your right leg lifted
o Hold for 2 breaths and slowly lower your body and leg back to the floor
o Repeat on other side. Do 10 reps and repeat on other side.

•Dumbbell Side Lunge
o Hold a dumbbell in each hand hanging by your side, palms facing your body
o Lift your left foot and step to the side; push hips backwards
o Drop your hips and lower your body
o Push back up to start and repeat 15 on each leg

•Dumbbell Diagonal Raise
o Stand tall with your legs shoulder width apart
o Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, next to the outside of your left hip
o Your palm is facing your hip, and your elbow is bent slightly
o Keep the elbow bent and lift the arm up and across your body
o Your hand will be above your head and the palm facing forward
o Return to start, do 10 repetitions and repeat on other side

Intense Intervals - Develop cardio endurance making your heart strong. Do each of the following exercises in a row without stopping for 15-20 repetitions. Rest for one minute between intervals and repeat 2-3 more times. You may have to build up gradually.

•Jumping Jack Squats
o Stand tall with feet together and your arms in a T
o Jump your legs apart and then lower into a squat
o Take your arms overhead with palms touching
o Jump legs back together, bring arms down

•Step ups
o I use my basement step but you can use an aerobic step bench too.
o Stand with right foot on the floor and left foot on the step
o Lift the right foot up to the step and put the left leg down
o Repeat this back and forth motion for a total of 10 full rounds.

•Plank pose to Downward Facing Dog
o Come into a plank position
o Lift your tail bone and push your hips back and up into Downward Facing Dog
o Repeat the movement between plank pose and Downward Facing Dog 8 times.

Work hard and enjoy yourself. For lots of great exercises check out the Women’s Big Book of Exercises. Always check with a medical professional before starting this or any exercise routine. Be healthy, be happy.

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