Exercise in Small Increments Gets Results

Exercise in Small Increments Gets Results
Lots of times people will use “lack of time” as an excuse for not exercising. Exercising in small increments is a viable solution that will give you the same benefits of exercising all at once. Dr. Glenn Gaesser, Professor and Director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University reports that “We don’t know how condensed repeated workouts can be and still remain effective. We tell people who think those 30 minutes of exercise a day is too much or takes up too much time, just do 10 minutes, three times a day – a goal that for almost all of us is achievable.” Read on about the facts of this theory and how you can put it to use in your life.

Facts for Consideration

•Studies showed that of two groups of volunteers, the group that split up their workout over the day had significantly decreased blood pressure.
•Studies have found that exercising intermittently during the day aids in weight control, especially for older women.
•This type of exercise will make you healthier but don’t expect to become an athlete.
•There are many varieties of exercise that can be done in this method; it does not have to pertain strictly to walking.

Let’s Get Moving

•One of the most well-known short exercise routine is called the “Seven-Minute Workout.” There is a series of 12 exercises each done for 30 seconds and quickly moving on to the next. This workout was originally developed for traveling business people but it can be used by anyone. However, this is not meant to be done 3 times per day. It is merely a quick workout for busy days.

There are an amazing number of ways to use this information and here are a few:

o Ride a stationary bike three times for 10 minutes a day. The same can be done with walking.
o Do your lower body strength training. You can combine a small group of exercises that cover the major muscles of the lower body. Split them up or repeat them a few times a day which increases your repetitions.
o Do your upper body strength training in the same manner as the lower body. You do not need weights or equipment to get a good workout for upper or lower body but dumbbells can help.
o Some additional ideas are: In the morning do some squats, lunges, and some abs work, for ten minutes. In the evening try push-ups, bicep curls, triceps dips, and many other choices, for ten minutes.
o If you’re looking for something a little different try Pilates. You can break up a 30 minute Pilates workout into three, 10 minute sessions. Keep a mat nearby and do some moves whenever you have a break. But keep track of your time to make sure you get the 30 minutes.
o You can do the same thing with yoga. You will get the strengthening and flexibility, but according to the situation you may not get the relaxation.

Small Increments of Movement Throughout the Day Makes You Healthier

• Aids in weight control
• Lowers blood pressure
• Lowers risk of diabetes
• Increases aerobic fitness

In conclusion, exercising in small increments is as effective for your health as doing your workout all at once. More and more new research, studies, and theories, are making the excuse of “I don’t have enough time to exercise” invalid reasoning.

Always check with a medical professional before starting or changing any exercise routine. Be healthy, be happy!

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