I Want Workout Results Now

I Want Workout Results Now
This is probably the number one question people ask when they start exercising; how quick will I start seeing results? Unfortunately there is no quick-fix, body transformation workout. Here are several general reasons for not meeting expectations fast.

The general causes are:

1.You are not as dedicated as you think and use excuses when you don’t show up for the work.
2.When you don’t see results quickly you quit.
3.You don’t realize that exercise is progressive and each time you workout, even if you don’t see it, you are already changing. It’s about persistence and sticking to it.
4.You focus too much on the future. Keep your mind on the work you’re doing right now, this minute. The future is a long way off. You can feel better right now.

Now here are some specific ways to break this down and make it more manageable:

1.Don’t get stagnate, it’s okay to mix it up. Try new classes and get passionate about something different. Or simply rearrange your typical workout.
2.Assess your current intensity and duration. If you’re not seeing results change your strength training routine and try using something different for cardio, such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
3.Don’t believe what those cardio machines are telling you as the truth. Most machines will tell you that you have burned more calories than you have. They have no way of knowing your height, weight, age, how fit are you, etc. One of the easy estimates I learned during training is: In order to burn 300 calories then jog for three miles, walk for 4 miles or bike for 10 miles.
4.You are exercising too hard. I bet you never thought you would hear that. But it is true.

•First of all you don’t want to work so hard that you run out of energy and can’t keep up your schedule.
•Injuries are more likely to happen when you are not 100%.
•You may develop overuse injuries from working out too hard.
•You can learn new techniques that can get you better results in half the time.

I don’t think I exercise enough. Why do you think this?

1.You read magazines and watch commercials. Well that alone is not a bad thing, but a lot of the stuff we read just isn’t true. The amount and length of the exercise plans are more than an average person could ever handle comfortably. Also, these models are already in shape they are not just trying to get there.
2.No one has the same body and results will vary for each of you. There are some people who genetically have lean bodies. It is easier for them to get toned and hard looking. You don’t know each individual and their circumstances therefore don’t compare yourself to anyone.
3.There are people who are advanced in working out and body builders. Often this is their addiction, or they just workout for hours. These are not average individuals like you and me.
4.You need to change your personal paradigm of exercise. There is a balance between optimal progress, and overdoing it. Find the zone that is right for you and start there.
5.You often think unless you are drenched in sweat and can hardly walk that you had a good workout. Your goal is not to feel exhausted; your goal is to make steady progress and to finish your workout thinking you could probably do a little more. What matters the most in your workout is the progress that you make and there comes a point in every exercise, i.e. crunches where too many become ineffective.
6.Consider your diet as part of the process. Unless you include your diet as part of your overall health plan you’re not going to reach your ultimate goals of success.

In conclusion, hopefully you have found something here that resonates, motivates, or answers some of your questions about “I want workout results now”. In reality it takes balanced, well designed exercise, and persistence. Don’t listen to just anyone. Find a personal trainer or a fitness specialist that can either put a program together for you or at least get you started in the right direction. If you don’t workout in a gym that’s okay, read and study up on what is the right workout for you. Try it, at least more than once, and decide whether you need to adjust it. Remember, less can often be more.

Always check with a medical professional before starting any exercise routine. Be healthy, be happy.

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