Upper Body Stretches Relieve Tension

Upper Body Stretches Relieve Tension
Feel good fast with this routine to stretch your upper body muscles and relieve tension. It’s easy, quick, and effective. Try to hold each of these stretches for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times. Use your best judgment to modify the time or movement of the stretch.

1.Side bend and Chest Stretch
•Stand up straight and tall with feet hip-width apart
•Take your hands behind your head and interlock you hands
•Expand your chest, and point your elbows out; this is an important part of the chest stretch
•Slowly bend to the right and tilt your neck carefully
•Repeat on other side

2.Shoulder Stretch
•Cross your arms behind your back with your right hand on top
•Lift your chest and engage the abs
•In this position you should feel a stretch in the front of the shoulders
•Repeat 3 times then put left hand on top

•Take your left arm and bend it dropping the hand behind your back
•Use your right hand and apply gentle pressure on the left elbow
•Repeat on other side

4The V Stretch
•Take both arms over your head and open them into a wide V
•Keep arms in line with your head, not behind or in front
•Turn your palms to face the ceiling

5.Down and Tilt Stretch
•Reach for your left hand behind your back
•Pull your hand down
•Gently tilt your head to the right

6.Back and Neck Stretch
•In a seated position bring your right arm over the left
•Touch your palms together
•Reach both arms down the side of your left leg
•Bend forward, reach the arms further down the leg

7.The Neck Releases
•Standing or seated lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling
•Put your right hand on top of your head then gently draw your right ear towards your shoulder
•Guide your chin down towards your shoulder, keeping the hand in place
•Repeat on left side
•Bring your face to center and place both hands behind the head
•Apply gentle pressure as you lower your chin towards your chest
•Come back to center and turn looking over your right shoulder, then turn and look over the right shoulder

Always check with a medical professional before doing these or any new exercises. Be healthy, be happy!

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