Aquarium Basics

Articles on basic fish-keeping - how to set up your first tank, plotting out a great fish community, establishing good water quality, cleaning your fish tanks and much more!

"Tanked" a Great T.V. Show star
This is a great show on Animal Planet about aquariums and aquarium fish!

Airstones for Fish Tanks star
Airstones can add a lot to your fish tank and aquarium.

Aquarium Water Chemistry star
Learn how to measure, test and create a system that is safe for your fish and easy for you to maintain!

Badman´s Tropical Fish star[offsite link]
If I could only choose one site off the web to recommend to beginners, this would be it! Chock full of more info than you could imagine, with straightforward language that every novice can understand.

Beginning Fishkeeping by Thomas Narten at star[offsite link]
Absolutely required reading for anyone starting out, written just for beginners.

Best Way to Light Your Aquarium star
Which lighting is best for your aquarium?

Caring for Your Fish When You Go Away star
Do you have a fish sitter?

Daylight Savings Time and Your Fish star
Does the time change effect your aquarium fish?

Don´t Release That Fish! star[offsite link]
Badman explains the dangers of releasing unwanted pet fish into the wild.

Equipment for a Saltwater Aquarium star
Saltwater tanks require a lot of know-how to establish and maintain.

Fish and Dogs star
Fish and dogs can live safely together in the same home.

Fish as a Gift star
Are you thinking of giving a fish as a gift?

Fish Tank Filters - What They Do For Your Fish star
An overview of fish tank filters and their value to your beloved fish.

Fish Tanks - Earthquake and Emergency Planning star
Emergency preparedness for your pet fish.

Fish Toys Included With Your Fish Tank star
Even fish get bored. Make your pet aquarium fish happy by providing a few interesting toys!

Hot Summer Months and Your Aquarium star
How to better manage your aquarium during the hot summer months.

Is Your Fish Too Fat? star
Are you overfeeding your fish? What can be some results of this? A better way of looking at feeding your fish for their health.

KingVinnie´s Aquaria DIY Plan Database star[offsite link]
The only link I have here is really the only link you need, because it is a large database of many aquaria-related DIY plans, linked from different sites! If you are consider yourself a handyman and practically live at Home Depot, you will probably find lots of great gems here.

Minnows star
Enjoy keeping minnows.

Mollies star
Check out the Mollies at your local aquarium store!

Painted Glass Fish and Other Questionable Practices star[offsite link]
"Questionable" fish that may not be a good idea to buy.

Pandora´s Aquarium - Basics star[offsite link]
An excellent site for both basics and advanced informatiom, along with great tank set-up photos.

Planning a Brackish Tank star
Brackish water tanks are unique and therefore require a little research and preparation to make the decision to maintain and care for one.

Preparing The Water For Your Aquarium star
Your fishes' water is the equivalent to the air we breathe for us finless folk! Preparing your fishes' water before you put them in it is crucial for everyone's safety and happy life!

Recommended Freshwater Fish Care Books star
Take a look at some great freshwater fish care books!

Sample Fish Newsletter star
Here's the Fish Newsletter!

Should You Give An Aquarium as a Christmas Gift? star
Would You Give an Aquarium as a Christmas Gift?

The Importance of Being Oxygenated star
To help ensure the health of your fish, there are several reasons why your tank should be oxygenated.

The Pacu Fish, A Personable Addition To The Family star
Pacu fish will endear themselves to you and make themselves a part of your family!

Using Dechlorinator and Water Conditioner star
Ideally, you should use a dechlorinator that also promotes the growth of a healthy slime coat, adds electrolytes to the water and neutralizes heavy metals.

Veterans' Day For Your Fish star
Stop a moment and remember all the fishy pets who have served their time in the war of neglect due to lack of information and proper care.

What Our Pet Fish Teach Us About Friendship star
Caring for our little fishy pets gives us an amazing insight into the true way to be and have a friend.

What to Buy a Fish for Christmas star
What does your fish want for Christmas?

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