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Are you ready for more abundance in your life? We’re going to look at ways to take positive thinking one step further and transform it into prosperity thinking.

Attract Wealth & Abundance Into Your Life. star
Is it really possible to attract wealth and abundance into your life? Yes, it is. This article explains 5 steps to creating a more abundant mindset.

10 Tips For A Wealth Building Mind-Set star
Wealth is a financially savvy mindset as much as a dollar amount. Wealthy people think, act and appreciate the power of their money. Here are ten tips to begin building the mind-set of wealth.

14 Ways to Feed your Soul for Free star
Just because you need or want to save money doesn't mean you cannot enjoy yourself! Use these 14 ideas to start finding ways to fulfill your soul and then spin off from them to come up with your own.

3 Steps Toward Creating A More Abundant Life. star
3 Simple steps toward a more abundant and prosperous life.

5 Ways To Develop Financial Self Confidence star
Developing financial self-confidence goes hand-in-hand with creating wealth. Here’s a fact: The more financially confident you are, the more money you will allow yourself to create, control and enjoy. Let’s look at a few self-help tips for building your financial self-confidence and your wealth.

7 Rules For Success star
7 Rules for success

Abundance and The Universal Law of Circulation star
Abundance is both a mind-set and an economic truth. As soon as we master the concept of “abundance,” we’ve mastered the concept of “wealth.”

Abundance Equals More Than Enough star
Abundance in life, and in economics, is incorporating into your daily life the premise that there are more than enough resources for everyone. We'll be exploring the powerful mind-set of abundance.

Affirming Abundance and Wealth star
Here is a prosperity fact: What you’re saying to yourself day-to-day about having and enjoying money is either programming your mind toward or away from abundance and wealth. In other words, you can’t afford to say you can’t afford it.

Attract Wealth With The Law Of Attraction star
Manifest the Wealth & Abundance You want with these 5 steps.

Belief In Abundance and Wealth star
I recently saw an article implying that as a society we have embraced a financial “herd mentality” regarding the current economic situation. What do you think, are we making the financial crisis worse by dwelling on what’s wrong instead of focusing on creating greater abundance and wealth?

Benefits of a Staycation star
Taking a staycation means not traveling to enjoy time off but instead spending some time exploring your local area and visiting attractions on your "we should..." list. A staycation saves money, causes less stress than traveling, and helps you to feel part of the location community.

Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow star

Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow. star
Is there any truth to the old adage "Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow?"

Do You Have A Vision Statement? star
In business, a vision statement is a statement of a company´s inspiration and values. It answers the question, "Where do we want to go?" But you don´t have to be a business owner to have one. Why not create your own personal vision statement?

Does Money Buy Happiness star
I’m confused. Doing research for this article I found conflicting answers to my question, does money buy happiness? One “expert” said yes, one said yes if you spend money on others and yet another said no. What do you think; can money buy happiness?

Evaluating the Relationship to Money star
This article asks four poignant questions that will help you to assess whether you are putting your financial principles above the people in your life.

Financial Abundance – Spiritual or Practical star
When you hear the word “abundance” what comes to mind? Is abundance about wealth and money or is it learning how to attract riches into your life? Is abundance more of a spiritual concept or is it practical? Let’s explore the concept of living in financial abundance.

Financial Goal Setting star
Financial goal setting is like setting any goal - - - it takes time, thought and an action plan. Sometimes getting started may be the most difficult challenge of all. Goal setting begins one positive step at a time.

Five Facts About Abundance star
Wealthy people understand abundance to mean that money is constantly circulating and as it circulates it stimulates the economy. Giving wisely of your energy and money means opening yourself up to receiving more money and opportunities – that is if you follow certain “money laws.”

How To Make Good Financial Decisions star
The economy is down and those day-to-day financial decisions that use to be so easy seem to have suddenly taken on more urgency and importance. So, how do you make good financial decisions? Here are seven tips for making wise and well thought out decisions and choices.

Intentions Bring Results star
Some people call it synchronicity; others call it playing the quantum field. Still others call it creative visualization. No matter what we call it, the power of our thoughts – and the intention behind those thoughts -- play a huge role in the unfolding of our lives.

Investing In Your Financial Self-Esteem star
Believing in your financial decision-making skills equals healthy self-esteem and healthy self-esteem equals the willingness to invest in one of your most valuable assets – a belief in your ability to create an abundant and wealthy life.

Lessons From Millionaires star
The economy in the last few years has been a wake up call for many of us, including the millionaires. Most millionaires are not flashy nor do they flaunt their money. Most are wealthy because they’ve learned how to save, invest and use their money wisely.

Living Abundantly Through the Holidays star
Plan ahead as a way to help ensure that you enjoy the holiday season. By creating a family master calendar and evaluating your priorities and preferences early, you can breeze through November and December still enjoying the life you are creating.

Moving Financially Forward star
The past is the past. Financial setbacks happen. It is what you do and how quickly you act that often determines how well you’ll be moving forward. Financial recovery takes time, energy and effort. Here are some suggestions for emotionally and financially getting back on your feet.

Non-Monetary Ways to Give Back star
Giving money to charities certainly helps promote their mission, but sometimes you may want to find other free ways to help others in your community. These four ideas can jumpstart your own plans for giving back without giving cash.

Optimism and Pennies From Heaven star
I’d like to share a fictional story about finding pennies. It’s really a story of optimism and belief in the ability to create your own opportunities for abundance and wealth, no matter the economy. It’s also the story of a woman who knows how to make her own luck.

Success Is In The Small Stuff star
It´s possible to baby-step your way to success. Let me show you how.

The Affirmation That Changed My Life star
A powerful affirmation that changed my life... and now you can use it to change your life too!

The Law Of Attraction & Money star
Can you attract wealth and abundance through The Law Of Attraction?

Unlimited Abundance and Wealth star

Unlimited Abundance and Wealth – Six Truths star
You have within you right now the power to create a life filled with unlimited abundance and wealth. Do you believe that sentence? If yes, here are six truths to enhance your belief. If no, here are six truths to help you begin believing in your power to create greater abundance and wealth.

Unlocking Your Money Values star
Money is neither positive nor negative. It’s your interpretation of the word “money” that gives it a positive or negative value. If you’re not financially where you want to be, it may be time to take a closer look at the “value” you’re placing on money.

Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich star
An interesting book was published in 1910 called The Science of Getting Rich. American author Wallace D. Wattles wrote about how the human mind can help us become wealthy. Today, almost 100 years later, people are still quoting the ideas and findings of Wallace Wattles. Why has this book endured?

What´s The Secret Behind star
What´s The real secret behind the hit movie "The Secret"

You Control Your Money Attitudes star
Have you ever wondered why some women easily make and enjoy money while others struggle to make ends meet? Here are five ways to discover your money attitudes and enhance your "financial tolerance" zone.

Your Core Values and Money star
Core money values are those unconscious wants and desires that powerfully drive our day-to-day finances. These core values influence earning, spending and savings potential. Let’s take a closer look at how core values affect our relationship with money.

Your Thoughts Create Your Life. star
The power to transform your life for the better lies in your hands.

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