Body for Life for Women Training Program

Body for Life for Women Training Program
This article is an outline of the Body for Life for Women Training Program. It is not a review of the book, “Body for Life for Women”, by Dr. Pamela Peeke, nor is it a review of the program itself.

“Body-for-Life for Women was written in 2005 and soared to the top of the New York Times best sellers list. It was embraced whole-heartedly by millions of women looking for a fitness program they could identify with. In 2013, this book is as popular as ever, still providing women a viable mind-body, fitness program.

Dr. Peeke states that over 30% of women carry at least 50 pounds more than recommended for their best health. This, as well as the epidemic of obesity, gave her the determination to come up with an answer to permanent weight loss and healthier lives for women.

Dr. Peeke read the book “Body-for-Life”, by Bill Phillips. She embraced his idea of developing a fit, healthy body “for life”. She also liked the set up of a 12-week Challenge. After meeting Bill Phillips she decided to take the “Body-for-Life” model and “womanize” it, therefore writing “Body for Life for Women”.

Basic Principles

•The program is holistic and designed to encompass your mental and physical health.
•Hormonal Milestones play a large role in mental and physical health. There are 4 Milestones discussed throughout the book which follow from first menstruation through menopause.
•Each Milestone is detailed in Chapter 2. The timeline is defined, the changes in your body are discussed, and advice is offered for maintaining good health, mentally and physically, during each of these milestones.
•The Body for Life for Women program is centered on the three M’s: Mind, Mouth, and Muscle (MMM).

Mind - Chapter 3 discusses “The 10 Body-for-Life for Women Power Mind Principles.”

•Principle 1: Embracing Adversity
•Principle 2: Find Your Motivational “Bull’s-Eye”
•Principle 3: Joy Yourself
•Principle 4: Bitch, Moan, and Whine, But Get The Job Done
•Principle 5: Shoot For Progress, Not Perfection
•Principle 6: Don’t Let Stress Go To Your Head-Or Tummy
•Principle 7: Give Yourself a License To Chill
•Principle 8: Learn To Be A Master Regrouper
•Principle 9: Fight For Your Right to Self-Care
•Principle 10: Form Your Own “Estrogen Squad”

Each principle is explained in detail and there are exercises at the end of each section to help you develop the tools you need to put the principle to work in your life.

Mouth-Chapter 4 outlines the Body-for-Life for Women Eating Plan.
Nutrition for each of the 4 Milestones is discussed. Each section gives you a “Heads-Up!” of important facts, for this time period of your life.

Here is an outline of the Eating Plan:

•Dr. Peeke states that “The cornerstone of the Body-for-Life for Women Eating Method is to keep track of portion sizes and eat the appropriate number of servings per day of any food, based on your BMI, the body’s ratio of weight to height.”
•Use the Body Mass Index (BMI) chart in the book to determine your BMI.
•Using your BMI and your activity level, you will decide how many servings from each food category you are allowed per day.
•Create your meals using the “Body-for-Life Smart Foods Table. Each table tells you what you can eat, the portion, and serving size.
•Group A-Smart Proteins
•Group B-Smart Carbohydrates
•Group C-Smart Fats
•Group D-Smart Snacks
•Group E-Junk Foods
•There is a sample eating plan template in the book which you can use to track your own diet.

Muscle-Chapter 5 outlines the Body-For-Life For Women Training Method.
Your fitness needs for each of the 4 milestones are discussed and identified. The Body-for-Life for Women Training Program includes five components of fitness: Cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Here is the Training Program:

•Perform cardio of your choice 3 to 5 days per week for 30 minute sessions.
•Cross-train with yoga, Pilates, or another activity that can help build flexibility and balance.
•Lift weights 2 to 3 days per week for a minimum of 30 minutes.
•Perform 2 exercises for each major muscle group alternating training days for the upper body and lower body.
•Upper body days include: chest, shoulders, back, triceps, and biceps.
•Lower body days include: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and abs.
•The book outlines the progression of repetitions and sets for each exercise, and there is a sample 12-week workout schedule.

More- the end of the book has some great stuff such as:
•Appendix A is an Exercise Guide that shows you exercises per major muscles group. The photos are very detailed and instructions are clear and easy to understand.
•There is a section of “Daily Progress Reports” which includes a variety of reporting methods and ideas.
•Alternate Options and Formulas for tracking servings and calories.
•The book ends with a section of “Real-Life Success Stories”.

Always check with a medical professional before starting or adding to any diet and exercise program. Be healthy, be happy!

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