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January 27 2010 Children with Special Needs Newsletter

Here's the latest article from the Special Needs Children site at BellaOnline.com.

Aid for Haiti - Childhood Disability
Families and individuals around the world are reaching out to the people of Haiti who were so tragically affected by the 2010 earthquake. Organizations who had already committed to family supoprt, schools and clinics for children with disabilities remain dedicated to answering the urgent need for help

Hope for Haiti Now: Music - proceeds benefit Haiti relief organizations
The MP3 album gives you all 20 songs for the price of 8; every little bit helps the aid effort.

If you have watched the Dr. Phil show about Haiti, featuring the staff of The Doctors show, or are following The Doctors show on television, via Twitter or other stories on CNN and various news programs, you know how much our help is needed right now for the basic necessities of life. Thank you for your heartfelt concern, generosity, compassion and prayers. Remember that we must stay strong to help those in greatest need, so take time to find the joy, love and support at home that will keep you strong. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when our own lives are already complicated by the concerns of everyday life. We give hope to our own communities and to one another by carrying on the best we can no matter what our circumstances.

Aid to umbrella organizations concerned with the entire population of Haiti is critical now and will remain so in the coming weeks. Local efforts to send shoes, clothes, medical supplies (especially for those whose lives were and are being saved via amputations) will make a big difference to families and individuals now and in the next year. Thank you for doing what you can to help. Editors at the Bellaonline.com websites are putting together step by step tips for those who want to help but have tight budgets; see the links at our articles to participate with your ideas and questions.

Readers of the Special Needs Children website are helping to collect information, resources and support for children and all people with disabilities in Haiti at -


Donations to the organizations listed there will help all families in Haiti, just as donations to umbrella organizations do help individuals with disabilities.

Most recent updates to our list:

US International Council on Disabilities
NGOs accepting donations, specializing in disabilities in Haiti

Mobility International USA Haiti Relief
InterActions Disability Working Group efforts

Please visit specialneedschildren.bellaonline.com for even more great content about raising children with disabilities, chronic health conditions and developmental delays. Some recent articles are listed below.

To participate in online discussions on all topics of interest to families, educators and other advocates for children and teens with special needs, this site has a community forum located here -


I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message.

Please pass this message along to family and friends, because we all want to know the best ways to help our children and other families in our community and throughout the world.

Pamela Wilson, Special Needs Children Editor

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