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August 22 2010 Children with Special Needs Newsletter

Here's the latest article from the Special Needs Children site at BellaOnline.com.

Childhood Disability and Sabotaging the Task of Learning
Children with Down syndrome may have delays or gaps in development due to strategies they find effective to avoid learning, working on or practicing skills. Professor Jennifer Wishart explains insightful research on how children with Down syndrome may sabotage themselves in teaching environments.


Task avoidance and learned helplessness are two problems noted in students with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities that give a false sense of their potential in learning situations. There are many strategies and philosophies that can help diminish or avoid these behaviors from developing. Many mainstream students who have experienced difficulty can also benefit.
Browse at your public library, local bookstore or online retailer for more information on task avoidance or learned helplessness in students with special needs like:

Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome:
A Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Patricia Oelwein

Learned Optimism How to Change Your Mind
and Your Life by Martin Seligman

The Turned Off Child - Learned
Helplessness and School Failure
by Robert and Myrna Gordon

From Emotions to Advocacy: The Parent's Journey
The Special Education Survivors Guide

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The Diabetes Dude to “Flock” the Today Show http://bit.ly/daHwNF

Patrick Keenan, 25-year-old with Down syndrome is the key to putting serial robber behind bars.: http://bit.ly/bsxx8T

Firefighter's Salamander Project gives young people with Down Syndrome once in a lifetime opportunity http://bit.ly/bNa9Fe

Hope Paige diabetes bracelets http://tinyurl.com/DbtsBrcltsHpPg

Proving they're able is not just an act http://bit.ly/c6kuZ5 Born to Act Players perform Aug 28. Photo Credit: Blair Williamson

Speedo shorts suit swim ace Oliver Pratley in glory quest for UK in Taiwan Down Syndrome Championships http://tinyurl.com/OlvrPrtlyUKswmDS

Buttoning aids and zipper pulls http://tinyurl.com/BtnAidZprPls for children who have trouble with fasteners

AU: Buddies build a bridge to disabilities in school http://bit.ly/bFkBgl Pairing students with special needs w/ peers

What time is it? Child's digital Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat watch with interactive Time Teacher clock, booklet http://tinyurl.com/TimeTchrWatch

Life with Allen: A person with Down syndrome who strives for acceptance http://bit.ly/9Luk5S

Woman with Down syndrome, Alison Durham, celebrates 80th birthday http://tinyurl.com/Alsn-Drhm80DS

Elastic waistband Lands End pants for boys http://tinyurl.com/ElstcWstPntsLE

No fasteners: Levi Jean Leggings http://tinyurl.com/JeanLeggingsLV - Just Jegging Girls sizes 7-16 Five pockets

Terri Mauro: From Gadgets DNA.com: 10 Revolutionary iPad Apps to Help Autistic Children http://is.gd/enohm

St. Mary's HS grad w/ Down syndrome http://bit.ly/9m4meI Nick Standerfer impacts coaching education at Ohio University

Pittsburgh twins with Down syndrome work to live independently http://tinyurl.com/2b9eqn5

NM: Police complete 'overdue' training http://www.daily-times.com/ci_15764664 in assisting people with developmental disabilities

Video: Rosemary 60 - http://www.whatistheflipside.com - Also final 30 second version & Behind the Scenes

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Dedicated to little sister Sarah Grace http://tiny.cc/SarahGrace - Just the Way You Are http://tinyurl.com/JstWyURBrnMrs

U of Illinois opens first dorm for students with disabilities http://bit.ly/aa5WIg

Soccer Club hosts free soccer camp for local kids w/ special needs http://bit.ly/c8fHJZ

NPR: Signing, Singing, Speaking: How Language Evolved http://tinyurl.com/NPRSgnLng

Robot Teaches Children How To Use Wheelchair At Their Own Pace http://bit.ly/bKE8KC

Parents May Have More to Learn About Special Needs Than Kids http://tinyurl.com/2w5f493

Jennifer Aniston Drops the R-Word on TV Talk Show http://bit.ly/92aXv3

TASH: Are you or someone you know a young person with a disability? Share your story - Voices of a New Generation http://bit.ly/b5K85r

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