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Irish history is well studied and much loved. Here are some links to interesting sites with Irish historical content.

12th of July in Northern Ireland star
Heritage can get a bit tricky when you have two in parallel, as you do in Northern Ireland. The 12th of July celebrated King William of Orange's victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 and is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland.

An Irish American Angel star
Margaret Haughery,an Irishwoman who immigrated as a child to the USA, is famous as New Orleans Bread Lady, or even the Angel of the Delta. Her selfless charitable work on behalf of orphans and the destitute made her a well-respected and loved citizen of the Big Easy.

An Irish Saint star
The story of Oliver Plunkett, the last Irish Catholic to be martyred by the English after the Cromwellian persecutions.

Buck Whaley --Ireland's Greatest Rogue star
The life and times of Thomas "Buck" Whaley --- Irish profligate.

Christmas Eve 1601 star
Ireland is in the middle of the nine year war, who will prevail

Countess Markievicz 1916 Rebel star
Sligo born Countess Constance Markievicz became a heroine of the Easter Rising. But her radicalism was not something she was born into; it was a lifelong process that brought her to the Stephen's Green baricades.

Dancing at the Crossroads star
Summer solstice is a very long day indeed in Ireland with daylight from before 5am and darkness not falling until after 11pm. Little wonder dancing at the crossroads was popular at this time of year. The custom is revived now in Leitrim.

Does Heritage have DNA? star
Stories are the DNA of heritage and culture. The stories collected by those schoolchildren in 1937 and 1938, and the setting them out in neat cursive penmanship, are like genetic markers on a string of DNA in the human body.

Dympna--- Irish Saint star
The life and death of the young Dympna dedicated to serving others and losing her life through the lust and passion of a wicked Irish Chieftain father.

First Duke of Wellington star
The First Duke of Wellington and His Aversion to his Irish ancestry.

Historical Events of May star
History and events over the years which has helped to shape Ireland into what it is now.

Ireland's Famous Sons star
Brief description of three of Ireland´s famous "sons" down through the ages.

Ireland's Megaliths star
Most regions in Ireland have some examples of megalith. No trip to Ireland is complete without visiting these huge rocks that have so much mysterious, soulful energy. Megalithic tombs come in many shapes and sizes from majestic passage tombs to hilltop cairns or a dolmen in cow field.

Irish History 1800's to Present star
The history of Ireland from the 1800's with emphasis on the various rebellions and the establishment of the Irish Free State and the continuation of Ulster with the Union of Great Britain & Ireland

Irish Life In The 1800's star
What was life like in Ireland in the 1800´s for the "ordinary" folk. Here is a brief description.

Newgrange, Brú na Bóinne star
A step back in history to a ancient tomb, and the mystery it holds.

Newgrange, The Tomb star
The story of the tomb of Newgrange and the mystery and fascination it holds for so many.

Oliver Cromwell & Ireland star
Was Cromwell a hero or villain----- like even modern politicians, it depends on who you ask ! But killing people in the name of Christ,is one philosophy that will one day be called to answer for the deaths of so many.

Paddy the Cope was from Dungloe star
How Paddy "the Cope" Gallagher changed Irish commerce with a small co-operative in Dungloe, County Donegal.

Robert Emmet & The Uprising star
Robert Emmet is a name well known among the ranks of tragic Irish heroes of the Uprising.

Spire of Dublin star
The Spire of Dublin now stands at the site of Nelson's Pillar, a Dublin landmark for a century and a half. Nelson was an English admiral who took the Battle of Trafalgar against the French in 1805, so he was memorialized in stone upon his death---in various places---including Trafalgar Square in Lo

The star
The "Burren" is a rugged "nothingness" on Ireland´s West Coast --that is until you take a closer look at it.

The Act of Union & Ireland's Famine star
The Act of Union in the 1800´s brought about far-reaching repercussions for Ireland and its people

The Boyne Valley star
A short visit to the Boyne Valley outside Dublin with its many historical and national sites and monuments.

The Famine in Ireland star
The Great Famine that began in 1847 with the failure of the potato crop changed the course of history not just for Ireland, but for the world.

The Flight of the Earls star
The Flight of the Earls is as good a place as any to start to understand Irish history. Irish history is as exciting and immediate as anything you'll experience in your leisure reading.

The History of Irish Dancing star
History of the current form of Irish Dancing and its influences around the world

The Irish Tricolor star
Why the combination of Green, White and Orange?

The Lost Village of Tubber star
How can you lose a whole village? This is the true story of how this County Cavan village was lost.

The Nine Great Irishmen star
The Great Irish Famine produced much hardship and suffering, yet out of its devastation and horror comes a story to brighten the saddest of hearts.

The Normans in Ireland star
The Normans invaded Ireland in the mid-1100´s and attempted a complete takeover of the country. Their power lasted only 200 years when nature stepped in and Ireland was returned to the Irish.

The Spanish Armada in Ireland star
The history of the doomed Spanish Armada and its partial destruction on the West Coast of Ireland

The Truth of the Titanic star
The Titanic is now a legend throughout the world as the 100th year anniversary of its sinking approaches.

True Facts About Ireland star
Some true facts about Ireland which may dispel some of the myths and some of the pre-conceived notions that many people have.

Ulster and the 12th of July star
Some thoughts on this special Ulster day and its ramifications for a hopeful future.

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