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How do you deal with different textures, hair challenges, etc. How to Scrunch, How to Schedule Hair Appointments, How to do Messy, How to do Your Eyebrows and much more!

5 Minute Hairstyle Resurrection star
After 8 hours at the office and 30 minutes fighting traffic you can transform dead hair into date hair!

A Quick and Simple Updo star
If you can put your hair into a pony-tail you can create this updo.

A Season for Glamorous Hair star
This holiday go all out glam with full, softly waved and curled hair.

Advice on Staying in Step With Hair Fashion star
Hair fashion is an ever-changing world and keeping current in your hairstyle and hair color can be a daunting task.

All About Hair Perming star
If you love curls as much as I do, then learning how to get them the right way and keeping them beautiful should be key. This article will help you decide if getting a permanent wave in your hair is right for you.

Back-combing, Teasing and Ratting star
There are times when you want more fullness than your hair gives you naturally. For this extra fullness, you often need something called back-combing, teasing or ratting.

Bangs in Hair Fashion star
Whether you call it bangs or fringe, this year it is becoming an important part of an up-to-date hairstyle.

Blow Dry Ideas for Fuller Hair star
Full, thick looking hair doesn't come easy for many of us. It often takes expertise in handling the styling products and the blow dryer. To get the most fullness from your hairstyle, use some of these blow dry techniques.

Blunt Haircut and Undercut star
Hair that is all one length is called a blunt cut.

Care of Ethnic Hair star
Multi-cultural hair stylist, Victoria Durnell describes the special needs of ethnic hair.

Cleansing Hair Properly star
It may seem like it is something simple to do. You clean your hair all the time. The question you should be asking yourself is: Am I cleansing it properly? There actually is a correct and incorrect way to cleanse your hair.

Creating Waves With Pin Curls star
It is easy to update your medium to long straight hair with the new, natural look of loose waves. This style will take from fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the thickness of your hair.

Do You Know How to Shampoo Your Hair ? star
There´s more to it than you think. Treat your hair like the fine fabric that it is.

Dread Locks star
A short history and explanation of how Dreads are created.

Eyebrows star
Eyebrows are a focal point of your face. Learn how to shape them properly.

Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer star
This year, if you want to keep your tresses up-to-date, get in touch with your feminine and romantic side.

For Girls Who Wear Glasses star
"Boys don´t make passes at girls who wear glasses." Don´t you believe it!

From the Mail Bag - Growing Out Gray Hair star
This reader wants to transition from tinted hair to her natural salt & pepper as painlessly as possible.

Get Glamorous Red Carpet Hair star
Glamorous hair is big, sexy, girly hair. It is fluffed, waved, teased and styled.

Give Your Hair A Fresh Look star
Are you tired of your hair always looking the same? It's boring when you look in the mirror and your hair looks the same as it did a year ago. You love the cut and the color so what do you do? Here are a few simple tricks to update your look without too much of a change.

Glamorous Hair for New Years Eve star
From the mail bag. How to make boring hair glamorous for New Years Eve.

Great Hair on a Budget - The Haircut star
So you don´t have a ton of money to spend on your hair but you still have to look good? There are ways to save money on quality haircare and come out with great looking hair.

Growing Out Gray Hair star
This reader wants to transition from tinted hair to her natural salt & pepper as painlessly as possible.

Growing Out Short Hair - Without Losing Your Mind star
Are you ready to trade that cute short hair cut for something long and luxurious? It can be a long and frustrating process.

Guidlines for Scheduling Hair Appointments star
To keep your hair looking its best everyday throughout the year, it is best to schedule your hairdresser appointments in advance. You may be surprised to learn that you can often schedule your appointments for the entire year in advance.

Hair for Your Face Shape star
These articles discuss the different face shapes and the hairstyles that flatter each.

Hair Styles for a Square Face Shape star
Your face shape may be wide, both across the forehead and the jaw line. The lines of your face may seem rather straight, measuring almost the same in width as it does in length.

Hairstyles for Large Women star
A hairstyle can make a world of difference in the way we look and effect the way we feel about ourselves. Your style can cause your face to appear heavier, fuller, shorter, longer, thinner or more narrow.

Help for Curly and Frizzy Hair star
Controling and making the most of your curly or frizzy hair is all about condition and products.

How to Air Dry Your Hair star
Drying your hair without the use of a blow dryer - often referred to as air drying - will soon improve its condition.

How to Blow Dry Thick Hair star
Using these steps, you will be able to dry and smooth thick hair while shaping it into your style – without or with very little use of curling irons or rollers.

How to Care For Your Hair in Winter star
Frigid winter temperatures and dry winter air cause brittle hair and split ends. Find out how to keep your hair silky and shiny all winter. Take steps now to winterize your hair.

How To Cut Hair - Bangs and End Trim star
Cutting your little girl’s hair can be quite a challenge. Follow these directions for a simple bang and end trim.

How to do Messy star
How do you create "stylishly messy?"

How to Make Ribbon Curls star
You can update your spiral curls simply by choosing a different appliance to create them.

How To Scrunch Hair star
Hair with natural wave, flips and ripples is hot this spring. To get this look you may have to master the art of Scrunching.

How To Set Your Hair on Rollers - Wet Set star
Using a wet set to curl your hair will provide more curl and body than any other kind of set, last longer and be more controlled.

How To Style Your Hair star
It doesn't have to be hard to create a style that is unique. Just pick a technique from each of the categories then mix a match them to create a style that is all yours.

It's Frizzy Hair Weather star
Hair that has a tendency to get frizzy in humid whether can be the most frustrating hair to deal with. You can work with it and style it to perfection, but a day with high humidity can destroy your hair style in a matter of minutes.

Keep the Poof in Your Hair star
Fashion dictates that even very straight hair styles show some fullness – or poof – in the crown. How do we keep the poof throughout the day?

Ladylike Hair star
When sophisticated, ladylike fashions are in style – skirts and lovely tailored suits – ladylike hair is called for.

Layering Hair star
What does it mean when someone says you should layer your hair? What can layering do for you?

Make-Overs star

New Life For A Tired Hair Style star
Is life getting you down? Maybe all that is needed is a brightening of a tired hairstyle.

New Year's Cleaning for Hair Care Items star
Your hair will look its best when you are using tools and products that are clean and in good condition. Start the New Year by surveying your hair care supplies to make sure they are in top shape.

Permanent Waves - A Better Plan star
Have you ever walked out of the hair salon with what seemed to be the perfect permanent wave, only to have it droop after two weeks and possibly even be gone after six weeks?

Proportion - Sizing your Hair to Your Body star
We each have our own body type that is part of who we are. It is quite obvious that one hairstyle is not for everybody. For a hairstyle to be flattering, it must fit in with our particular body type.

Real Hair Solutions for Big, Frizzy Hair star
Hair that is too poofy and has a tendency to get frizzy can be the most frustrating of hair to deal with.

Real Hair Solutions for Split Ends star
Split ends will happen to almost anyone who goes too long between trims.

Real Hair Solutions for Thin, Flat Hair star
Thin flat hair can a very disturbing problem. You might have one of those perfect faces that looks great with hair lying perfectly flat but that would be the exception.

Real Hair Solutions for Multi Textured Hair star
Do you have an area in your hairstyle that doesn´t seem to go with the rest of your hair?

Recreate Your Salon Style star
Ninety percent of salon clients report that they cannot style their own hair to satisfaction.

Recreate Your Salon Style in Your Fine Hair star
Have you ever visited your hairdresser for a new hairstyle and loved it, but were never able to duplicate it on your own?

Removing Unwanted Hair star
Switching gears a little bit in this article to talk about ways to remove unwanted hair.

Retouch star
What to do when your beautiful color develops roots.

Roller Tips star
Look here for tips on how to use rollers to get the effect you want in your hair style.

Shaping and Tweezing Eyebrows star
Eyebrows are a very important focal point of your face, though often over-looked. Learn how to make them look their best.

Stacked Haircut star
Stacked haircutting became famous in 1976 when Olympic Skater Dorothy Hamill won the gold.

Styling Fine, Soft, Silky Hair star
Some of us are born with soft, fine, silky hair. It can be wonderful when worn straight and natural, but if you want fullness, you are in for a battle.

The Perfect Hair Part star
Do you have a plan for parting your hair or do you just let it happen?

The Dreaded Cowlick ! star
It’s that little tuft of hair that likes to pop up at inopportune times. It will drive you crazy.

The Perfect Hair Color star
How do you choose a hair color?

The Spa Hair Treatment star
A Spa Hair Treatment makes for a great conditioning treatment for my hair and a relaxing day at the same time.

Using Your Flat Iron to Curl star
Your flat iron may be the most versatile piece of hair styling equipment that you have.

What Mood is Your Hair Style? star
Your hair style may be the newest fashion, but if it doesn´t fit your personality, you won´t be happy.

Your Beauty Resolutions star
How to keep your hair looking its best all year long.

Your Nose and Your Hairstyle star
When choosing a new hairstyle, the first thing to do it to take an honest assessment of your features. How does the size of your nose affect your hairstyle?

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