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October 8 2009 Children with Special Needs Newsletter

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Nintendo Wii Therapy Rehab for Children and Teens
The Nintendo WII video gaming system can be used by children, teens and adults with injuries or disability, for physical therapy and rehabilitiation as well as entertainment. Student programmers have created software making the Nintendo Wii remote (WiiMote) functional for people with disabilities.

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My favorite parent ed instructor used to quote advice from a book or article she recommended - 'grant your child in wishes what you cannot provide in reality' - maybe we should be keeping our own wish lists current, with frivolous or fantastic wishes as well as the more practical ones.

Amazon.com has started its ten week 2009 Wish List Sweepstakes ~
I believe that clicking on this link will mildly benefit the SNC website (like the amazon affiliate links in my articles) but I have mixed feelings about the contests.
Looking at the featured prizes it's too obvious that what I wish for most can not be found at an online retailer's website. On the other hand that did not stop me from reading about each week's offerings. Week one (Twilight theme), two (Dream Kitchen), five (backyard theater) and eight (High Def) might make me laugh; but how about four (Kindles), six (Photograph Yellowstone), or seven (Disney Orlando)- wow.
Week 3 is a trip to London, and we would no doubt enjoy the Jonas Brothers (my son has type one diabetes like Nick) but I'd feel terribly guilty if I won that one because like Week One's prize package, I think it should go to a Big Fan.
As for week nine - the "Glamorous Life Wish List" - all those childhood hours happily playing dress up, and grand occasions looking through mom's jewelry or admiring her as she dressed up to go out seem very far in the past these days.
The reality is that any of those prizes would be wonderful - well, my dream kitchen might come with someone well paid to shop, cook and clean up - but I am having a failure of imagination as holidays loom. Week ten's prize is a secret but the shock of it all is that in ten weeks the calendar will read Dec 7-12! I had better start dusting my IRL stove.

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I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback!

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Pamela Wilson, Special Needs Children Editor

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