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December 2 2009 Children with Special Needs Newsletter

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Family Games for Parties - Social and Educational
Families of children with special needs may worry about isolation and lack of social context in communication between their sons and daughters and cousins. Playing games at holiday parties, family visits or informal dinners gives us a common frame of reference and helps us get to know one another.

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Holiday Shopping for Children with Special Needs

Holiday Parties for Children with Disabilities

Holiday Party Planning - Support Groups

Holiday Play and Crafts

Perfection, Gift Giving and Winter Activities

Holiday Travel and Weekend Getaways

Gratitude and Perfection - Childhood Disability

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Welcome to the world, Riley 2/11/09 - http://ow.ly/GmH5 - Sweet, insightful Down Syndrome awareness

Advocacy pioneers honored - http://tinyurl.com/DSAdvP - Tom, Rita O'Neill inspired by Joshua who was born with Down syndrome

Mental Wellness - Adults w/ Down Syndrome - http://tinyurl.com/DSMntlW - Emotional, Behavioral Strengths & Challenges; Self talk in persons with Down syndrome - http://tinyurl.com/SlfTlkDS

Mommy, I have to go potty - http://tinyurl.com/JFaull09 - now available with a new special needs chapter

National ARC: Do you still care about long-term svcs & supports? Tomorrow 12/3/09 is National Call-In Day: Take action & call your senator! http://bit.ly/85C13J

UN Day Persons with Disabilities - Normal to be Different initiative - (English) http://tinyurl.com/N2bDeng Graphics: http://tinyurl.com/Nrml2bD

Terri Mauro: @mamatude Special Needs Blog: Find a Gift That Delights Your Child, Traditional or Not http://bit.ly/5VqBT8
SpecialNeeds Blog - http://bit.ly/4IFpNj - Living the (Community) College Dream
Terri Mauro: http://bit.ly/74ePUP - Sparkles Cheerleading Squad w/ Oprah - TheSparkleEffect.org Cheer squad w/ skills
Photo w/ story of Sparkles Cheer Squad: http://tinyurl.com/SprklsChrTm - Video: http://tinyurl.com/SprklsVidYT
@mamatudeSet up iTunes account w/ no credit card - http://bit.ly/4yHhn1

Flame - http://tinyurl.com/FlameABCVid - Musicians w/ disabilities in ABC report Music Saves Lives

Device allows Dung Le, a man who has cerebral palsy, to express first word at age 27 - http://bit.ly/3GPVeN

Switch adapted toys - http://www.adaptiveplay.org - email support@adaptivePlay.org - for 10% off coupon

Family Games for Parties - http://tinyurl.com/FamGmsSNC - We played Apples to Apples on Thanksgiving http://tinyurl.com/Apls2Apls

@RiverbendDS - http://bit.ly/7DnKn0 - 10th World Down Syndrome Congress Dublin Aug 09 Abstracts and Proceedings pdf

National ARC moves to DC 12/7/09 - http://bit.ly/FerYh - New address and phone: 1660 L Street, NW, Suite 301, Washington, D.C. 20036 202.534.3700; Toll free remains the same: 800.433.5255
Terminology matters - http://bit.ly/FerYh - when it's about a person's intellectual disability RT @TheArcUS

Joan Medlen @CompassTweets - http://tinyurl.com/impct221 - Impact Newsletter: quality early childhood education for kids w/ and w/o disabilities

Wandering in Children w/ Down Syndrome - http://tinyurl.com/WndrgDS - Vol 4 Iss 3 May/June 2000 Disability Solutions

RT@cwdiabetes http://www.gomeals.com - excellent new (and free) iPhone app for meals

Grandparents and Childhood Disability

Teaching Relatives to Care for a Disabled Child

Cousins and Childhood Disability

Grandfathers and Great Uncles - Childhood Disability

Teaching Children to Plan Meals and Cook

Teaching Handwriting - Childhood Disability

Proloquo2Go for iPod Touch and iPhone

Nintendo Wii Therapy Rehab for Children and Teens

Amazon Kindle and Childhood Disability

Nintendo Wii Therapy for Children and Teens

To participate in free, fun online discussions, this site has a community forum all about Special Needs Children located here -


For a better idea on what the most popular childrens gift items are this year, browse at Amazon.com's Children's Games and Toys - http://tinyurl.com/AmzBestSlgToys - and 'sort' the list using the 'best selling' choice in that list. Good luck!

Ordering Amazon.com Gift Certificates here - http://tinyurl.com/AmzSNCGftCd -or from a link in my articles will (slightly) help support the Special Needs Children website. Always check reader reviews, shipping/handling fees, and consider buying locally where prices are comparable. Check prices at Amazon, then call your local retailer for their price on the same item. For iPods and Mac computers, check the Apple store - iPods can be engraved, and special packages or rebates are often available. iTunes gift cards can be bought at face value there, as well as at grocery stores and other local retailers.

I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback!

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Pamela Wilson, Special Needs Children Editor

Winter Holiday Safety - Childhood Disability

Advocating in Multicultural Communities

Art and Self Expression for Children with Special Needs

Sibling Support and Rivalry - Brothers and Sisters
of Children with Special Needs

Home Accessibility and Visitability

Music Education and Music Therapy

Sign Language and Childhood Disability

Anxiety and Childhood Disability

Sensory Integration and Children

Brothers and Sisters - Childhood Disability

Forgiving Family

Family Happiness and Childhood Disability

iPhone and iPod Touch Apps - Childhood Disability

Photography Lessons for Children

The iPrompts Application and Childhood Disability

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